Changes to the Memrise app

Changes to the Memrise app

Blog updated on 1 March, 2024. The Memrise app has changed over the last few months. We’ve heard that many of you are confused by the experience. Here are the answers to your questions.
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Follow this blog post for updates to the Memrise apps. We’ll always update this page first. Last updated: 1 March, 2024

The elephant in the room

In February 2024, we rolled out substantial changes to the Memrise apps and transferred many users to a new app experience. 

We're really sorry for the anxiety we caused. We’re sorry for not communicating the changes in advance that were going to happen and how they were going to affect you.

We hear your concerns and we’re addressing them. We’ll also do much better at communicating future changes.

Summary of changes


Community Courses 

Updated on 1/03/2024

Community courses are moving to a new website: This site is live and you can try it out now by clicking on the button below. 

Go to Community Courses
  • Your existing login credentials will continue to work
  • Your entire progress is available
  • Course creation continues to be available
  • If you're unsure about what a community course is and if you are learning one, community courses are word lists but don't have any of the video content that word lists in the main Memrise product have. All non-language lists, like Geography or Biology are community courses. If you are not learning community courses, logging in to the new website will show you an error message. 
  • Updated 23/02/2024: 
    • Community Courses will be retired from the main Memrise website and apps on the 31st of March 2024 and only be accessible through the new URL.
    • The new home for Community Courses on the web will be there at least until the end of 2024. We will be working on a way to make sure users can export their word lists in a format that allows them to upload them somewhere else.
  • Read more about changes to community courses below.
  • We’re working on a timeline for further changes to Community Courses, which we’ll communicate here very soon.
    • Nothing will change for many months yet
  • Some users who previously were using Community Courses can’t currently access them, and we’re deeply sorry about this.
  • We’re working urgently to provide access to your Community Courses through a new web URL. We’ll post an update here in the next few days.
  • Beyond the immediate short term, we will separate the Community Courses from the main Memrise experience. Community Courses won’t be accessible via the Memrise apps, but they will be accessible via a separate web URL. We don’t know exactly when, but we’ll update this post with a timeline.

Official Memrise Courses 

  • In the next few months, we’ll stop supporting all but the new Memrise app. All your course and level progress will be carried over to the latest version of the app. It will all be there, but it will just look different. 
  • Read more changes to Official Memrise courses below.


Changes to Community Courses

OK, we got the rollout of these changes very wrong. We’re sorry about the confusion and anxiety we caused. 

Updated on 1/03/2024

Community courses are moving to a new website: This site is live and you can try it out now by clicking on the button below. 

Go to Community Courses


Q: What is a community course?

A: Community courses are word lists that let you learn facts and word translations, but don't have any of the video content that word lists in the main Memrise product have. All non-language lists, like Geography or Biology, are community courses.

Q: Will my Memrise login still work on the new web URL?

A: Yes, the same login will continue to work

Q: What will happen to my progress?

A: It will be exported to the new web app experience, and none of the words or phrases you have learned will be lost. 

Q: When will you remove community courses from the apps?

A: All community courses will be retired from and the Memrise apps on March 31st. 2024

Q: When will you shut down this new URL? How long do I have to access my community courses?

A: Community courses will live in the new URL at least until the end of 2024

Q: What will happen to my community courses after you shut the new site down?

A: Before we do, we’ll have a way to give you your word lists in a format that allows you to take them, and continue to learn them, somewhere else. After we shut down, they will still exist in this format for you.

Q: Can I still create and share new courses with other users?

A: Yes, you can create new courses and share them.

Q: I upgraded to PRO. Are PRO features available in the new web app experience?

A: Yes, absolutely

Q: Will I be able to access Community Courses on mobile apps?

A: Community Courses will only be accessible on They won’t be accessible via the Memrise app past March 31st 2024, but you can use the new website in a mobile web browser and create a shortcut for it on your mobile phone or tablet. You can find instructions on how to do this here for Android, and over here for iOS.

Q: I can’t find some of the courses I was learning on, where have they gone?

A: If they were official Memrise courses (e.g. Spanish 2) and not community courses, they are only accessible on the main Memrise website and apps. The new URL is only for community courses. More information on changes to official courses is in the FAQ below.

Q: Can I get to my community courses with the links I had saved?

A: No, all community courses have a new URL. You’ll need to sign in to get to them, and you can bookmark the new URLs for easy access, or share them with anyone.


Changes to Official Memrise courses

Alongside our flashcard features, over the last 12 months, Memrise has been introducing:

  • Hundreds of thousands of native speaker videos whose vocab corresponds with the words and phrases you learn. This allows you to hear the words you learn spoken with accents, truncation and at full tempo. This will help you recognise the words spoken in real life by native speakers.
  • MemBot, our AI chatbot, allows you to have conversations, spoken or written, so you can practice using the words you’ve learned.

To ensure everyone has access to these new benefits, we’ll update the app in a few months and update this post with an exact timeline in the next few days.

You don’t have to do anything right now. 

All of your progress will be taken across to the new version of the app. It will just look different to what you’re used to.


Q: Where’s my progress? How does the new experience work? 

Instead of having a series of “Levels” per language (e.g. Spanish 1 through to Spanish 7), there is now a single course for each language. The content in each course is broken down into “Scenarios”.

“Scenarios” has two parts: “Learn”, and “Review”. 

Everything you have previously learned will appear in the “Review” section, including Difficult Words and Speed Review.

Additionally, the new experience includes thousands of native speaker videos (“Videos” tab) and an AI bot to practice speaking with (“Conversations” tab).

Memrise before: (showing levels)

Memrise now: (showing scenarios)


Q: But what are Scenarios?

A: Scenarios are just vocabulary lists grouped by topic. They’re similar to what you would recognise as “Word lists” or “Levels”. Most of these lists are everyday ‘scenarios’ such as checking into a hotel or buying groceries. Others are simpler, like months, numbers, or questions.



Q: Where are my word lists?

A: All of the words you learned previously now live in the “Scenarios” tab. 

Go to the “Review” section in “Scenarios” to find all the words and phrases you previously learned in “Levels”. 

“Scenario” names are not the same as the “Level” names, but your words and phrases are there.

Q: Is my progress lost?

A: No, please be assured it’s not lost. All the words you have learned now live in “Scenarios”. 

The words you have learned are ‘marked as known’, which means you have fully learned them. They will still be resurfaced in “Review”.

However, some “Scenarios” will have more words than the original lists. These show up in the “Learn” section. There, you can mark these as “I already know this” and the whole Scenario will be completed.

We appreciate your first experience may have looked like you’d lost progress. That’s our bad. Please be assured it’s all still there.


Thanks so much for choosing Memrise and hopefully continuing your language learning with us. Again, apologies for the anxiety and inconvenience caused by our heavy-handed migration to the new experience, we’re learning a lot.