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How it works

Thousands of video examples of language used in real life Practical phrases taught in courses designed by native speakers Gamified tests that train your language skills Immersive learning that makes you feel like you're right there with the locals
  • Thousands of video examples of language used in real life
  • Practical phrases taught in courses designed by native speakers
  • Gamified tests that train your language skills
  • Immersive learning that makes you feel like you're right there with the locals

Why Memrise?

Accelerate memory

Proven memory techniques rooted in science

Learn more, faster, with a learning algorithm developed with the best cognitive science.


Twice as fast as learning in a regular classroom setting

Train your long term memory with a method that’s faster and better than traditional rote learning.

Immersive learning. Learn like you live there.

Don’t waste time with phrases people don’t actually say. Learn the language people really use.

Cover everything from holiday essentials to longer-term goals

Find the content topics to match what you need: from holiday small talk to meeting your partner’s family.

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Memrise learners
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From little wins to big achievements, here's how every word has helped them grow their worlds


Try Memrise. Real progress happens in a few minutes, and it has its own tricks to get you to memorise words and understand them. The local videos for pronunciation are chef kiss too.


Memrise truly has my heart. I have been using this app for a while now and when I went to France they thought I was a local based off of my pronunciation that Memrise taught me.

yeehaw ella

Best app for learning new languages This app is so looked over, I had never heard it in my life till I went looking to the internet trying to find how to learn Spanish easier, it’s so much better than every other program. I especially like the learn with locals feature!


I recently was introduced to my boyfriend’s Lebanese family and I wanted to make the best impression. I worked on this app for just a few minutes a day for a week and learned some key phrases to get the family’s approval. This app is girlfriend-friendly and mother-approved!


Two years ago got grumpy because I only spoke one language. So on my birthday, I started a Memrise German course. Kept it up every day for two years. Yesterday got an email from a German friend and didn't need to scroll to his translation. Quietly proud actually.

Ben Newmark

New to Japan Moving to another country is tough; life-changing. It's extremely difficult when trying to fully learn and be a part of that country. So far by using this app I'm learning more and becoming more confident to be able to communicate with the locals. I'll be introducing this app to my kids. Arigatou.


I never got to grips with French at school but after 1 session with Memrise, I was hooked. I love that I can listen to the word or phrase spoken by real French speakers. I’m so impressed with my progress with the trial sessions that I subscribed for 12 months & have decided to learn Italian as well.


I downloaded it because my girl is from Sweden and I saw how she lit up every time I said a word in her language. So now after like doing about 10 minutes a day for about 4 months, I’m now in Sweden (crazy I know) (I'm from the US) and now people are super impressed with “how well” I speak the language and I can make them laugh with it and everything.

Benson Jett

Language learning update: I've been using Memrise for German ~6 weeks (4-5 days/wk, 20mins/day).
I've been in Berlin for 5 days & I basically understand a LOT of things. No easy speaking yet, but can feel it won't take long.
If I'd used Duolingo, I would be nowhere.



What is Memrise?

Memrise is the language learning app that’ll take you from “learning a language” to “using it in real life” fast! Our unique talk-first approach will get you speaking the language authentically from day one. Hear the phrases spoken through thousands of videos of native speakers. Our smart algorithms will know your learning levels and will keep you challenged. Take control of your learning journey and choose the phrases that are most important to you. Why be forced to sit through hours of grammar when what really excites you are phrases that'll help you with your travels?

Is Memrise free?

Creating an account on Memrise is free! You can access plenty of lessons with your free account to get you started. See how our talk-first approach works to get you to speak the language like a native speaker from the very first day. Scroll through and enjoy thousands of videos of native speakers teaching you the language. And when you’re ready, upgrade to a Pro account. Unlock ad-free access to all courses and languages, learn from the over 4,000 lessons with real-life phrases and scenarios, get full access to our learning modes, and be in total control with our unique customisable learning structure designed to help you learn faster.

Is Memrise a mobile phone app or is it only available on web browsers?

Learn wherever you are! You can access Memrise on the web or on our mobile apps. Your learning process will be synced on your account across all devices, so you can start a lesson on the web and then continue it on the bus with our app without ever losing a beat. This particular lesson is only available on the web and our iOS app right now, but our team is working hard to make it available on our Android app. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know when it’s available on Android!