What language should I learn?

What language should I learn?

Want to learn a language but not sure what language you should learn? Here’s some advice on how to pick your perfect language.
May 26 2021

There are close to 7,000 languages in existence today. But over half the world’s population speak using just 23 of these. Pretty cool, right? The point is: when deciding what to learn… you’re spoilt for a choice. Like a kid in a candy shop! 


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Learning a language changes who you are, how you see the world, and how you interact with the world. Inspiring new experiences you could never dream of.

If you’re yet to learn a second language – we’re really… really excited for you.


What language should I learn?

Call us crazy. But this is a question only you can answer. You must decide what language you should learn – no – what language you want to learn. Why? Because this isn’t a ‘what language should I learn?’ quiz. Those are useless. And it’ll change your life, not ours.


There are countless benefits of learning a language. So ask yourself why you want to learn a particular language. The reason or reasons (i.e. ‘what do I want to use this language for?’) will help determine the language you choose. As well as keep you pumped up and motivated while learning it. Sound cool?


Learning for fun? Want to travel to all corners of the globe? Immerse yourself in fascinating cultures and make lifelong friends? Live and work in another country? Boost your confidence, brain power and health? Order your favourite sushi in perfect Japanese? Because it just sounds beautiful? Something else?


Time to brainstorm. The world is your oyster! But if you’re unsure what language to learn? No worries – we’re going to give you a cool overview of some languages that’ll lure you in. So keep reading. 👀


Why learning a language is the most awesome thing... ever

We like languages. But seriously: as philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said:

‘The limits of my language means the limits of my world’ 

Learn one to open up the world for you – and walk through new doors in your life made possible by new language.


Why learn a language?

  • Language carries the culture of a country or place. So when you learn one, you then become a part of that culture too!
  • Language can help you find and explore your interests, mould your personality and bring out the real you! It lets you become whoever you want to be!
  • Broaden your understanding, appreciation and love for others and different ways of life.
  • Land exciting jobs and advance your career. (See our best languages to learn for business)
  • Communicate, become friends with, or even fall in love with people  you walk past in the street if it wasn’t for language.
  • Increased confidence and cognitive function. Learning a language literally makes your brain bigger


The feeling that comes from people understanding you in another language is truly special. The ultimate reward for your efforts.

Have we got you leaping out your chair with excitement? Running around the kitchen? Bumping into people in the street? GOOD!

You can start learning right now – here.


How many languages can a person learn?

Did you know the people who speak languages are the coolest people to meet in a bar or sit next to at a dinner party? Not to mention loved by employers!




Why be monolingual (a speaker of 1 language), if you can be bilingual (2 languages), trilingual (3 languages), or multilingual? Otherwise called a polyglot.


Woaahhhh… easy tiger. One thing at a time. But you’ll find that if [*when* 😉] you learn more than one language, you’ll spot similarities between them. Especially from those in the same language family. These are languages which came from the same original language! Many catch the language bug and first decide to take on the Romance family (French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese) or Germanic family (English, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and more).


Some people have learned 5, 10, 15, and even 20 languages! In fact, The Guinness Book of Records describes Canadian man Powell Alexander Janulus as fluent in 42 languages!


Everyone’s life and language journey is different. Check out this woman’s fascinating story and see how she was able to learn 5 languages during her life without difficulty.




What are the best languages to learn?

A language doesn’t just let you order another beer. Or get from A to B without stress. These are add-ons for sure. But a language can give you a whole new life: you may find yourself living in a new country, working in a new job, loving your new relationship and new friends. The possibilities are endless! Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

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Just how useful language is depends on how you use it! Which ties into your motivations for learning it. Make sense?

If you need a little guidance – here are some favourites that have affected people’s lives hugely:


Most useful languages to learn?


Learn Chinese

There are 1.12 billion native speakers of Chinese (including its common dialects: Mandarin and Cantonese). Making it the world’s most spoken language. That’s a lot of people to practise conversing with…

It’s also one of the hardest languages to learn, but the rewards are great! It’s rated highly in business (China is an economic superpower), and allows you to immerse yourself in China’s fascinating culture. For keen travellers, you also can find Chinese speakers in Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong.

Register for a Mandarin Chinese course now!


Learn French

Many single out French the easiest second language to learn for English speakers. Why? Because around 30% of English words are adapted from French. 275 million people in the world speak French. In 29 countries. Across 4 continents. France’s economic standing makes French one of the best languages to learn for business, and it’s an official language of the United Nations, used in politics! Aside from its use, it sounds gorgeous!

Sign up to learn French here.


Learn Spanish

Did you know there are more Spanish speakers in the US than in Spain? 580 million people speak Spanish in the world in over 20 countries (with 41 million in the US alone!) Learning Spanish lets you interact with people in these countries, discover new cultures, sing Spanish songs, get jobs, make new friends on the beach in Barcelona. Run with bulls. Throw tomatoes. Or hang out in Miami, LA, New York, and Houston. And more cities in the US, Mexico and across Latin America!

It’s also one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn – and arguably the easiest European language to learn, especially for native English and Romance language speakers!


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Cool languages to learn

Want to learn a ‘cool’ language? There are 3 languages on the rise that people are buzzing to discover more about right now!


Is Korean the new cool language to learn?

K-pop band BTS’s song Dynamite set an all-time 24hr YouTube record, attracting 101.1m views within 24 hours of the video’s upload. The South Korean boy band BTS have become a global sensation. On top of this, Korea’s great education system, rapidly growing economy, and beautiful food culture mean learning Korean is hot right now!

Wanna be cool? Start learning Korean today.


Learning Japanese

Japanese popular culture has become a global sensation! Mouth-watering Japanese food, anime, and J-Pop alone inspire many to learn Japanese. Add to that bustling cities, stunning landscapes, mountains, and temples – and it’s no wonder Japan is one of the coolest languages to learn right now. It’s not easy, that’s for sure, but the locals are delighted to help you out – and will be super impressed with efforts. You got this.

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1000’s of audio and video clips of locals speaking their native language in different situations means you learn what you use in real life. FUN, FAST, EASY. We teach you basic words and phrases used in different situations, and how to speak them yourself.


Whatever your reasons for learning a language… Make your language dreams come true. You know what to do! 


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