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The One Thing You Can Do To Make This Summer Travel Season The Best Ever

How knowing the local language, even if it’s just a few phrases, will make your summer overseas travel the best trip ever.


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Three examples of lessons to introduce yourself in Spanish with Memrise videos of native speakers


Mastering Introductions in Spanish: Your Gateway to Meaningful Connections

Learn the art of introductions in European Spanish. Say your name, share where...



Learn English with JESSIKA's Debut Album!

Take your English proficiency to the next level. JESSIKA'S music will be your...

Preview of Memrise's GCSE Spanish and French courses

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Master GCSE Languages With Memrise's New Official Courses

Gearing up for your GCSE exams? We're thrilled to announce the official launch...


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From flashcards to Full Fledged Fluency: Memrise's Epic Evolution in Language Learning

With a family of 70 million users, we've transformed into the only...


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GPT-powered language partners: MemBot vs Duolingo Max

Lots of people in the language learning space have been asking us about the...



Competition time! Submit a video and win $1000!

Submit as many videos that you would want to understand in Spanish, French,...


Memrise Teams Up with Warner Bros. Pictures to Unleash a Bilingual Adventure inspired by the hero—and his family—at the heart of Blue Beetle!

Embark on an epic bilingual adventure inspired by Blue Beetle and his...


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Ultimate Polyglot challenge: 12 conversations, 12 languages, 12 minutes

The MemBot can speak 23 languages... but Richard Simcott can speak more than 50!

Memrise trophy with Discord logo

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Memrise Discord App: learn a language together and win prizes!

We're super excited to announce two brand-new features...