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The joy of languages

20 Japanese Survival Phrases

In 2016, over 24 millions tourists from all over the world flocked to Japan for...

18/08/2017 9 Min Read

Learning journeys

Memrising during Ramadan

I’m a “one-and-a-half” (my father was born in Lebanon, my mother in America)...

05/07/2017 4 Min Read

The joy of languages

19 Reasons Why You Should Be Learning Russian Right Now

You sound awesome when you speak it Take a listen with our Memrise Pro native...

06/06/2017 11 Min Read

Learning journeys,

How to use mnemonics to remember new vocabulary

No matter what language you’re learning you’re going to need words and lots of...

18/05/2017 6 Min Read
Memrise CEO Ed Cooke


Can I improve my memory? Top Tips from Memrise CEO Ed Cooke

Grand Master of Memory and Memrise CEO Ed Cooke teaches Amber Gill, Chris...

07/07/2021 8 Min Read

Learning journeys,

How to live like a German when learning the language

A Step-by-Step Guide to German Immersion Would you like to learn German? Come...

02/03/2017 5 Min Read

Guest Post,

Socio-Cultural Aspect of Language Learning

On the 15th of April we celebrate the Universal Day of Culture which was...

14/04/2016 4 Min Read

10 Monolingual countries where you need to know the language – Pt. 1

“Why learn languages when everybody speaks English?” Nothing will infuriate a...

18/08/2014 3 Min Read

10 Monolingual countries where you need to know the language – Pt. 2

If you were left wondering which other countries made Alex Rawling’s list of...

25/07/2014 2 Min Read