New product feature teaser: Whizz Quiz

New product feature teaser: Whizz Quiz

Check our Memrise’s brand new product feature: Whizz Quiz! It’ll help you immerse yourself in language learning even deeper
June 16 2021

Guess what? We’ve got a new product update… Introducing, Whizz Quiz!


Yep, you read right: We’ve got BRAND NEW full-screen videos to test your language skills!


Whizz Quiz will become unlocked once you’ve studied the items that appear in the video itself. You'll then be shown a short situational video in your target language, and at the end we'll ask a true or false question or a multiple choice question to quiz you on your understanding of key words and phrases!


Memrise Whizz Quizz videos


Plus, if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry - you gave it a go! This new feature helps you learn as we replay the video and you can read along with subtitles.


What makes Whizz Quiz different? 


Whizz Quiz is different from our other test types because it's connected to multiple learnables. In short: This is a new test type that moves towards a more holistic approach which is heavily focused around the concept of full comprehension. 


Think about it - being successful in learning a language involves using ALL that you know - like speaking and listening simultaneously, taking into account tone and context, and most of all, understanding real life language!


Memrise Whizz Quizz videos


Plus, as is the Memrise way, we’re saying NO to textbooks - more specifically, we’re saying no to their boring, long-winded paragraphs with a dull comprehension question at the end! (Because watching immersive videos that feel like you’re talking to a friend is WAY more fun, anyway.) 


If you’ve got to the end of this post and you’re thinking, “Hang on… this sounds REALLY familiar” then that might be because it is! Some of you lucky people might have already got to experience this feature earlier this year - but it’s only fair that we share it with the others too! 


Check out the video below to see the new feature in action! 


HubSpot Video



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