Travel essentials: The COVID-safe phrases you need this Summer

Posted: July 08 2021



Travel is one of the main reasons that people choose to learn a language - it helps make the trip easier, more interesting and way more enjoyable! But we all know that in a post-COVID world, travel is going to look very different. That's why we've created our Travel Essentials language courses, to help you travel safely and confidently, now and in the future.

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You don’t need us to tell you that COVID has had an impact on every single part of our lives, not least the travel industry. While some of us have adapted to working from home and keeping safe, we’ve missed the opportunity to go on holiday, to travel and explore new places. We’ve missed the excitement you feel when meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and foods. Thankfully, the world appears to be on the up. The vaccine rollout is well underway, the world is slowly re-opening and getting used to the ‘new normal’. But something we do know is that travel is going to look very different from now on. In fact, travel companies have confirmed that “many changes... are here to stay.”

Of course, people still want to get away. The idea of jetting off to somewhere warm and sunny for a week or two is music to most people’s ears! And even if you’re not quite ready to travel just yet, we all want the option to enjoy it again soon. What do these changes look like? In short, we’ll have to wait and see. But whether it’s more tests at hotels and airports or a shift towards conscious travel, a huge part of the post-COVID travel experience is learning to adapt ourselves to this ‘new normal’ and to enjoy travelling safely and comfortably.  

If you’ve been on holiday to another country in the past, you’ll know that communication (and sometimes over-communication!) is absolutely essential for getting by. Whether it’s hailing a taxi or ordering something at a restaurant, you need to know the basics. And as you’ve probably heard us mention before, the key to success when it comes to language learning is grasping the bits you *really* need to know, and to forget about the rest. Now, however, there’s a new level of communication that’s needed. There’s a whole heap of COVID-related words and phrases to learn for when you’re travelling (some have even made it into the dictionary!). 

So where are you supposed to start? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with just the thing to help you out: Introducing our Return to Travel Post-Covid 101 course. 


What is this course? 

Featuring 8 of our most popularly learned languages (and a couple of top holiday destinations too), each of these FREE courses are packed full of essential words and phrases that you’ll need to get by. For example, phrases like “Do you sell hand sanitizer?” and “Do I need to quarantine?”. And, just like all our other official language courses, they contain a collection of video and audio clips of native speakers, so you can immerse yourself in language and learn something super useful at the same time.


Why did we create this course? 

We’ve created these courses to help make you feel as safe as possible when travelling. We want to equip people with the relevant language and essential information they’ll need to navigate post-COVID travel safely and confidently. 


Why is this course different from others? 

We’re the only ones who’ll teach you *real-life* words and phrases that you’ll actually use. It’s as simple as that. Our content is relevant and helpful, and you won’t find it in a textbook. We all know that travelling in the age of a global pandemic comes with a bunch of new things that we need to navigate together, so having the ability to communicate with others will help you and the people you’re talking to feel comfortable and safe. 


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