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Can I improve my memory? Top Tips from Memrise CEO Ed Cooke

Grand Master of Memory and Memrise CEO Ed Cooke teaches Amber Gill, Chris Eubank and Len Goodman his top tricks in Channel 4’s ‘Can I . . .

07/07/2021 8 Min Read


What language should I learn?

Want to learn a language but not sure what language you should learn? Here’s some advice on how to pick your perfect language.
26/05/2021 8 Min Read

Hardest Languages to Learn: Mind-Boggling Languages made easy

Want to learn a language and need some advice? Here are some of the hardest languages to learn. Sign up with us, and they’ll become easy.
14/05/2021 9 Min Read

Japanese Kanji: Easy Tricks to Learn Japan's Written Symbols

Want to learn Japanese kanji but have no idea where to start? Here’s all you need to know about Japanese kanji and what it means for . . .
04/05/2021 10 Min Read

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