Can I improve my memory? Top Tips from Memrise CEO Ed Cooke

Posted: July 07 2021

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Memrise CEO Ed Cooke
100 spoken numbers (spoken with a 1 second interval)
200 foreign words an hour
2,265 binary digits in 30 minutes

"You have to think through metaphor and form a visual story"

Ed felt like sharing his talent. So he went across the UK teaching memory techniques in schools. Meanwhile, in 2006, he ‘memory coached’ friend and US journalist Joshua Foer to win the US Memory Championships. Helping him recall 120 random digits in five minutes; the first and last names of 156 strangers in 15 minutes; and set a new USA record in the "speed cards" event by memorising a deck of 52 cards in 1 minute and 40 seconds. It became clear to Ed that he had a unique talent. The next question: What should I do with it next? The answer: Create a learning system that could turn anyone into a genius.