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From Hollywood to Fluency: The Benefits of Using Film in Language Learning with Memrise

Lights, camera, fluency! Discover the exciting benefits of using films to learn...



Made-in-Japan English!

The Japanese language has no hesitations when it comes to importing words from...

10/06/2018 0 Min Read

Bilingualism Around The World,

English around the world

In 2018, the places around the world that are still completely untouched by the...

13/01/2018 0 Min Read

The joy of languages

15 Denglisch Words You Won’t Understand

The late 90s and early 2000s was a fairly important time for Germany. East and...

10/01/2018 0 Min Read

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Your 2024 New Year's Resolutions: how to learn a new language this year

Set and achieve your New Year's resolutions in 2024! We tell you how to set a...


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How Chinese is helping me learn Japanese

During my last two years of school around ten years ago, I was lucky enough to...

03/01/2018 0 Min Read

Bilingualism Around The World,

¿Sabes any Spanglish? Or maybe, un poco de inglañol?

“Spanglish” – You have most likely heard this word before. Or maybe “Inglañol”?...

01/12/2017 0 Min Read

The joy of languages

Why French is much easier to learn than English

French is the language of love. With its romantic cities, world-class wines,...

28/11/2017 0 Min Read

The joy of languages

Why Do People Code-Switch?

Ce moment when you start penser en deux langues at the same temps… ever had it?...

15/11/2017 0 Min Read