From Hollywood to Fluency: The Benefits of Using Film in Language Learning with Memrise

From Hollywood to Fluency: The Benefits of Using Film in Language Learning with Memrise

Lights, camera, fluency! Discover the exciting benefits of using films to learn a new language and how Memrise's new film lessons are revolutionising language learning.
February 17 2023 Language learning The joy of languages

Red carpets, glamorous outfits, and celebrity sightings: it can mean only one thing... Awards Season! A time to discover new films and artists, be inspired by their creativity and passion for the arts AND a new opportunity to learn a new language. Really?

Watching your fave movies is the best way to learn a language

Because it's more likely to keep you engaged than, say, trying to learn using a textbook. Movies will also show you different ways in which language is really used than, say, a textbook. See where we're going with this? Memrise makes it easier than ever to learn a new language with AI tech that quickly extracts useful words and phrases from real-life content including exciting movie trailers.  

To show you how this new learning approach works, we've created a series of lessons based on films making the rounds this award season. Take your pick from films nominated for the 'Film not in the English language' BAFTA award. From Corsage or All quiet on the Western Front if you're interested in German. Into Spanish? Try our Argentina, 1985 lesson. Or Decision to leave to learn Korean.  

To give you a bigger taste of this immersive learning experience, we've also created a collection of lessons base on films in the English language. Try them out - you'll  pick up a bit of Spanish (or a lot of English, if you're a native Spanish speaker looking to practice!). From the action-packed Everything, everywhere, all at once to the animation masterpiece Pinnochio, we got your genre AND language learning needs covered.

​​What are some benefits of watching films for language learning?

There are several benefits to using films as a tool for language learning, including:

  • Immersion: Watching films in a foreign language can help immerse you in the language, allowing you to practice listening and comprehension skills.
  • Context:  Films provide real-life context for language learning, helping learners understand how words and phrases are used in different situations.
  • Vocabulary expansion:  By watching films, you can learn new vocabulary and common expressions in context, making it easier to remember to use the words in the future.
  • Cultural understanding: Films offer a window into the culture, history, and customs of a foreign country, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of people and their languages.
  • Fun and enjoyment: Watching films is an enjoyable and entertaining way to learn a new language, especially if you're already a film fan. You'll be learning without even realising, making it easier to stay motivated and engaged in the learning process.


Overall, using films as a tool for language learning can provide an effective and engaging way to improve your language skills and expand your cultural horizons!