How to learn "harder" languages

by on 15 September 2014

Maybe it’s the different alphabet, maybe it’s those alien-sounding gutturals, or maybe it’s having to learn 27 different words for ‘snow’ – some languages are just harder than others. The big question, though, is which is which? How do you know whether you’re taking in a ‘hard...


From Mexico City to Warsaw- Meet Memonimee David Huerta.

by on 3 September 2014

A few weeks ago, a video of people across Europe saying "Hello, my name is" in different languages was shared in our Facebook wall. Its creator, David Huerta, is a Memriser from Mexico who also runs his own blog. We've introduced you to some seasoned Membassadors, but we thought...


Can you pick up a language by living abroad?

by on 1 September 2014

I love travelling, and for me that’s always gone hand in hand with learning languages. It’s often an interest in a particular country that leads me its language, with culture, landscapes and delicious foods prioritised over the verb tables, declensions and alphabets that come with it. Some of...


10 Monolingual countries where you need to know the language - Pt. 2

by on 25 August 2014

If you were left wondering which other countries made Alex Rawling's list of countries where you need to speak the language, wait no more! Here's the second part of his first contribution to the Memrise blog, and we're sure you'll find it as thought provoking as...


10 Monolingual countries where you need to know the language - Pt. 1

by on 18 August 2014

“Why learn languages when everybody speaks English?” Nothing will infuriate a polyglot more than this question, but increasingly it is more difficult to counter. Today’s globalised world is more Anglophone than ever, with most countries (except France) showing growing English proficiency year on year. Now when you go abroad...