Celebrate World Teacher's Day with Anna Breslavskaya

by on 2 October 2015

For the last 21 years, every year we celebrate World Teacher’s Day to support and empower our teachers from all around the globe. They are the foundation of a knowledgeable and educated society. We need to thank and appreciate them today and everyday for all their hard work and...


Web Update 29/09/15

by on 29 September 2015

Hello everyone,

This week Memrise's web update is all about badges. In order to make learning more fun and ever more motivating on Memrise, we have introduced a system of badges which you can earn by successfully completing a learning challenge, be it reaching a new rank or completing...


It's International Week of the Deaf!

by on 23 September 2015

International Week of the Deaf is celebrated from the 21st to the 27th of September, and to join in we have decided to ask our users to create a sign for Memrise!

Do you have a great idea?

Record it or take a picture of it and send them over...


Web Update 23/09/15

by on 23 September 2015

Hallo everyone,

It's time for yet another weekly update. Perhaps the most notable change this week is the availability of the website's interface in German. If you think using Memrise in German is cool but don't speak the language (yet), then perhaps checkout some of our German...


Video immersion and the great Membus world tour

by on 22 September 2015

Following the success of speed mode, difficult words mode and audio mode, the prototyping team in our east London labs have been working hard on a new learn mode to take language learning to the next level: video immersion mode.

The idea is simple: for every word you learn, test...