10 Monolingual countries where you need to know the language - Pt. 1

by on 18 August 2014

“Why learn languages when everybody speaks English?” Nothing will infuriate a polyglot more than this question, but increasingly it is more difficult to counter. Today’s globalised world is more Anglophone than ever, with most countries (except France) showing growing English proficiency year on year. Now when you go abroad...


Introducing Our Polyglot in Residence

by on 13 August 2014

Memrise now helps people learn several hundred different languages. We also have a wonderfully international team: we hail from 8 countries, and speak more than a dozen languages between us. Collectively, therefore, we're a proud polyglot. Individually, though, we merely speak a few languages.

Now, a few weeks ago...


Meet Brian Powers, language learner and Membrain!

by on 28 July 2014

In an effort to get to know more about our wonderful community and what drives everyone to keep learning, we've recently been in touch with a few very keen Memrisers. On this ocassion, we'd like you to meet Brian, who has written this guest blog post to share...


Congratulations to the newest Memperor!

by on 16 July 2014

This week has seen the creation of the newest member of the second-highest Memrise rank, Memperor. Massive congratulations to suba on reaching those dizzy heights! (See this thread for the full list of Memrise ranks!)

Seeing suba's astonishing speed of progress - 50 million points in just 10 months and...


Toki Pona - A personal learning adventure

by on 6 June 2014

-Hey! Where are you?

-I’m in tomo lipu.

[That's a fragment of a Whatsapp conversation]

“And where is that?”, I thought. Tomo is an indoor space and lipu is a flat bendable thing… but what is this flat house he’s talking about? Welcome to my daily Toki...