What might John Dewey think about the Ed Tech revolution?

by on 25 March 2014

I was re-reading John Dewey’s 1938 book Experience & Education at the weekend, when I came across this quote which I found particularly, almost presciently, relevant to today's discussions about the role of technology in education:

"We may reject knowledge of the past as the end of education and...


How will technology change the way people learn languages?

by on 3 March 2014

I’ve been asked this question about a thousand times and there are just so many good answers that I've always struggled to come up with a single really clear, snappily articulated answer. Today I was lucky enough to read a pre-release draft of what I expect to become...


Thank you for helping us reach a million learners on Memrise!

by on 7 January 2014

We're delighted to report that we have reached a million learners on Memrise!

Here's an infographic to celebrate some of your remarkable achievements. Such as having remembered on average more than 500 words each!

It's been a privilege for all of us on the Memrise team to...


Memrise will be down on the 3rd Dec :(

by on 2 December 2013

Hi guys,

You may have noticed Memrise has suffered some up-and-down performance problems in the past few days - this is because we are growing quicker than our architecture has been designed to support. Therefore, we have to announce some downtime tomorrow whilst we upgrade a part of our architecture so...


Tri-weekly update : 27 November

by on 27 November 2013

Hello again Memrisers! Time for another tri-weekly update of features and bugfixes from sunny (!) London.


1. Upgrade to Premium

The biggest thing to mention is the Upgrade button at the top of the site! If you haven't checked out the set of features we're offering on Memrise...