A quiz fit for Shakespeare Day!

by on 23 April 2015


Can you learn a new language in 5 weeks?

by on 15 April 2015

Recently, Memrise super user Tommo_Valkonen set out to find out if it was possible to learn a language in 5 weeks. Naturally, we were quite keen on finding out how he got on. Now, he's here to tell us all about it!

I set out to find out. As...


Which are the most attractive accents? Rank them!

by on 10 April 2015


Research on online language learning platforms - Your input is needed!

by on 9 April 2015

Jennifer Ho is a researcher at the Institute of Education who is looking into different ways that people learn languages online. She got in touch with us to ask if any Memrisers might be able to help her in her research. Please do get in touch with her if you...


March MemChallenge for Classes winners

by on 7 April 2015

March MemChallenge for Classes has ended and it's time to announce the winners.

The last week of the challenge turned out to be intense as a lot of classes put in many hours of learning to earn as many points as possible. 68 classes with 1404 students in total...