We met an Overlord!

by on 28 January 2016

We had the pleasure of having one of the famous Memrise Overlords pay us a visit in the office this past month. So we grabbed the opportunity and had a quick chat with him to find out what inspires him to learn. Have a read to learn from the best...


Jack of all trades or master of one? Tips and Tricks from Anirudh

by on 14 January 2016

Anirudh Krishnan is currently working on climate change issues at a centre for mountain development in the Himalayas, involved in communicating scientific findings more effectively to policymakers. He is about to move to a research role at an institute for public health in Singapore, which may involve some degree of...


New Year's Eve Celebrations around the World

by on 30 December 2015

New Year’s Eve is a big deal all around the world. It’s a universal event, yet we all have our own local traditions. People from different cultures celebrate in their own way when the clock strikes midnight. Let’s find out how others start the New Year!



The Joy of Learning Different Language Scripts

by on 18 December 2015

To celebrate Arabic Language Day, we thought it perfectly fit for Lindsay Dow, otherwise known as Lindsay Does Languages to tell us all about how she taught herself 31 different language scripts using Memrise. Check out what she has to say!

Understandably, many language learners place an emphasis on speaking...


How to become a Polyglot according to Maureen Millward

by on 18 November 2015

Languages, dialects, words, speech, slang, vocabulary, prose, accents, idioms, tongues, communication, conversation, jargon, grammar

Maureen started her blog, Mo's Language Learning Journey to promote language learning to others. She shares articles about her travels and learning experiences. We had a chat with her in hopes of getting an insight...