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How to become a Polyglot according to Maureen Millward

by on 18 November 2015

Languages, dialects, words, speech, slang, vocabulary, prose, accents, idioms, tongues, communication, conversation, jargon, grammar

Maureen started her blog, Mo's Language Learning Journey to promote language learning to others. She shares articles about her travels and learning experiences. We had a chat with her in hopes of getting an insight...


International Tongue Twister Day

by on 6 November 2015

What are tongue twisters and how should we celebrate? Tongue twisters are phrases that are hard to articulate. It makes it all the more fun if you repeat them several times increasing your speed as you go. The reason they are so difficult to pronounce especially after having repeated them...


Special Video Immersion Evening

by on 23 October 2015

Want to be part of an important milestone of Memrise's development? Come along on the 3rd of November at 7 pm to the Memrise Headquarters in East London.

We will be presenting you with our latest project, the 'immersion mode' otherwise known as the video mode.

Recently we've...


Memrise Website Update [21/10/2015]

by on 21 October 2015

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick summary of this week’s web update. In response to a popular request, we have added the ability for you to ignore all audio questions on the web permanently in your learning preference setting. Please note that if you just need to temporarily turn...


It's Dictionary Day Today!

by on 16 October 2015

What is a dictionary?

Dictionaries are books containing a collection of words in a certain language listed in alphabetical order with their definitions or translations into other languages. Monolingual dictionaries are mainly used to define the meaning of words and teach native speakers their proper spelling, while bilingual dictionaries present...