The top 10 most multilingual cities in the world - Pt. 1

by on 6 October 2014

Following on from the feature a while back about countries where you need more than English to get by, this time (by request) we’re talking about cities that give the average polyglot a run for their money. In these places the majority of the population speaks at least two...


How to play the accents game

by on 29 September 2014

There are lots of reasons why you might think having a good accent in your new language is important. Maybe you fear people you speak to will think less of you, perhaps the sound of one of your fellow countrymen trying to speak it makes you shudder, or you might...


Meet Memperor Neko-Chan

by on 18 September 2014

Recently, a very keen Memriser reached a monumental milestone by becoming a Memperor, the second-highest rank in Memrise. We got in touch with her to congratulate here, and to find out more about what keeps her motivated to learn at rocket-speed. We'd like to introduce you to neko-chan, and...


How to learn "harder" languages

by on 15 September 2014

Maybe it’s the different alphabet, maybe it’s those alien-sounding gutturals, or maybe it’s having to learn 27 different words for ‘snow’ – some languages are just harder than others. The big question, though, is which is which? How do you know whether you’re taking in a ‘hard...


From Mexico City to Warsaw- Meet Memonimee David Huerta.

by on 3 September 2014

A few weeks ago, a video of people across Europe saying "Hello, my name is" in different languages was shared in our Facebook wall. Its creator, David Huerta, is a Memriser from Mexico who also runs his own blog. We've introduced you to some seasoned Membassadors, but we thought...