Can youtube videos help us learn languages?

by on 23 April 2014

Today I met a startup called, who have built a tool that lets you cut up any youtube video into "steps". The steps loop round and you can annotate and embed the stepped-up videos on other sites. I've seen other companies that create that kind of videos...


What might John Dewey think about the Ed Tech revolution?

by on 25 March 2014

I was re-reading John Dewey’s 1938 book Experience & Education at the weekend, when I came across this quote which I found particularly, almost presciently, relevant to today's discussions about the role of technology in education:

"We may reject knowledge of the past as the end of education and...


How will technology change the way people learn languages?

by on 3 March 2014

I’ve been asked this question about a thousand times and there are just so many good answers that I've always struggled to come up with a single really clear, snappily articulated answer. Today I was lucky enough to read a pre-release draft of what I expect to become...


Thank you for helping us reach a million learners on Memrise!

by on 7 January 2014

We're delighted to report that we have reached a million learners on Memrise!

Here's an infographic to celebrate some of your remarkable achievements. Such as having remembered on average more than 500 words each!

It's been a privilege for all of us on the Memrise team to...


Memrise will be down on the 3rd Dec :(

by on 2 December 2013

Hi guys,

You may have noticed Memrise has suffered some up-and-down performance problems in the past few days - this is because we are growing quicker than our architecture has been designed to support. Therefore, we have to announce some downtime tomorrow whilst we upgrade a part of our architecture so...