Congratulations to the newest Memperor!

by on 16 July 2014

This week has seen the creation of the newest member of the second-highest Memrise rank, Memperor. Massive congratulations to suba on reaching those dizzy heights! (See this thread for the full list of Memrise ranks!)

Seeing suba's astonishing speed of progress - 50 million points in just 10 months and...


Toki Pona - A personal learning adventure

by on 6 June 2014

-Hey! Where are you?

-I’m in tomo lipu.

[That's a fragment of a Whatsapp conversation]

“And where is that?”, I thought. Tomo is an indoor space and lipu is a flat bendable thing… but what is this flat house he’s talking about? Welcome to my daily Toki...


Our first Memrise Meetup

by on 29 May 2014

We’re blessed at Memrise with a wonderful office space in the East of London- a converted chapel with lots of room for gatherings, and many special features (such as an AGA to cook on, and a floor that began life in Buckingham Palace). We frequently use this space for...

comments - editing YouTube videos to help you learn languages

by on 23 April 2014

Today I met a startup called, who have built a tool that lets you cut up any youtube video into "steps". The steps loop round and you can annotate and embed the stepped-up videos on other sites. I've seen other companies that create that kind of videos...


What might John Dewey think about the Ed Tech revolution?

by on 25 March 2014

I was re-reading John Dewey’s 1938 book Experience & Education at the weekend, when I came across this quote which I found particularly, almost presciently, relevant to today's discussions about the role of technology in education:

"We may reject knowledge of the past as the end of education and...