Listen to birds and win a Memrise T-shirt!

by on 23 January 2015

This weekend here in the UK the RSPB is holding a weekend ‘garden watch’ to encourage people to go out into their gardens and watch the birds for an hour. The idea is to gather data about bird populations from across the UK so they can get a better idea...


5 Top tips to win the Memathon

by on 19 January 2015

As many of you will be only too aware, this January has been seeing a great battle taking place across the Memrise platform, as thousands of Memrisers compete for the $1000 Memathon prize, which will be awarded to the person who memorises the most new words in January.

The competition...


Five ways to change your language learning in 2015

by on 12 January 2015

It’s the New Year! December, with all its festivities and consumerism, has suddenly been replaced by the shock of January. Temperatures are dropping, the days are getting longer, and for many of us it’s now time to get back to work, school, university, or whatever you’re normally...


Lessons from two days of Toki Pona

by on 10 January 2015

A month has passed since 17 of us gathered at Memrise HQ for two days of intensive Toki Pona study.

My hope was that the Toki Pona-thon would tell us whether a super-simplified language like Toki Pona could have a useful role to play in the process of teaching languages...


Win $1,000 in the January Mem-athon!

by on 29 December 2014

New year’s resolutions can be irritatingly ephemeral beasts. Forged in heady moments of unbounded optimism, unfettered by unpalatable considerations of how they will be maintained, they are wont to vanish sooner than a New Year’s day headache.

But not this year.

This year many of us are making...