Lights, Camera, Language! Memrise's Golden Path to Linguistic Mastery

Lights, Camera, Language! Memrise's Golden Path to Linguistic Mastery

Explore Memrise's new language lessons linked to Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated movies, blending entertainment and education for an engaging learning experience.
January 31 2024

As we immerse ourselves in the glittering award season of 2024, it's time to spotlight an innovative way to master languages. Imagine learning French from the thrilling scenes of "Anatomy of a Fall" or delving into German with "The Zone of Interest." Memrise has crafted an enthralling journey of language learning, not just for English speakers but also for Spanish speakers eager to embrace English through cinematic gems like "Oppenheimer," "Air," and the gripping narrative of "American Fiction."

But why movies? As we highlighted in our previous post "Global Beats, Cinematic Feats," there's been a surge in language learning through global entertainment. The connection between cultural appreciation and language acquisition has never been stronger, and we're at the forefront, bridging this gap with video-based lessons.

For English speakers, we've created new lessons in French and German - they are a window to a world of linguistic nuances and cultural depth. "Anatomy of a Fall" and "The Zone of Interest" aren't just films; they're immersive experiences that enrich your language skills.

Spanish speakers are in for a treat with lessons based on English-language movies like "The Color Purple," "Elemental," and "Nyad." Each lesson is a step into a vibrant linguistic journey, making learning English not just educational but also deeply engaging.

These lessons are more than just language lessons; they are bridges to understanding different cultures and perspectives. Explore them all below!

  1. Anatomy of a Fall
  2. The Zone of Interest
  3. Oppenheimer
  4. Air
  5. American Fiction
  6. Poor Things
  7. The Holdovers
  8. Saltburn
  9. Killers of the Flower Moon
  10. May December
  11. Maestro
  12. The Color Purple
  13. Elemental
  14. Nyad