Black Friday Explained: Opportunities for Language Learning Enthusiasts

Black Friday Explained: Opportunities for Language Learning Enthusiasts

Explore why Black Friday is a win for language learners. Find out how to grab the best deals and enhance your skills with our savvy shopper's guide.
November 24 2023

Black Friday: An Origin Story

Ever wondered how Black Friday got its name? It's not from the inky smudges left on accountants' ledgers as they tallied up profits (though that's a cool story, too). No, it all started in the '50s in Philly when cops used 'Black Friday' to describe the mayhem of post-Thanksgiving traffic jams and shopping chaos. Not exactly the holiday cheer we think of today, right?

Fast forward to the present, and Black Friday has morphed from a day of retail madness into a global shopping fiesta. Sure, it still has the power to summon the early birds to queue up before dawn, but it's also a click-and-shop marathon that stretches from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. And let's not forget the international shoppers—everyone's in on the action now.

These days, Black Friday isn't just a race to snag the biggest flat-screen. It's a time when smart folks look for smart deals, like language learners hunting for bargains to boost their bilingual brains. Yep, it's become the day to nab those subscriptions and software that usually cost a pretty penny, because who says you can't save cash while expanding your mind?

So, let's dive in and see how this deal-packed day can be more than just a shopping spree. For those ready to level up their language game, Black Friday might just be your golden ticket to becoming a savvy polyglot without breaking the bank.

Why Black Friday's a Big Deal for Language Buffs

Alright, so Black Friday (and now Cyber Monday too) is coming at us with deals flying left, right, and center, and it can feel like you're trying to drink from a firehose. When you're eyeing language learning deals, the choices are as wide as the ocean. So, how do you sail these deal-filled waters without going overboard? Here's your treasure map to snagging the swankiest language loot this Black Friday.

  • What's Your Learning Jam? Kick things off by figuring out how you click with learning. Are you all about straight-up, no-nonsense structure? Or are you more about squeezing in a lesson whenever you can? Whether you're looking for a Black Friday deal to learn French, Korean, Japanese or Italian, knowing your style is like having a compass—you can steer clear of the stuff that won't float your boat.
  • Do Your Homework: Before the Black Friday madness kicks in, do a little recon. Scour through reviews and testimonials for the language platforms you've got your eye on. What's the word on the street about them? Peek at the features, and weigh them against each other. And hey, keep your ears to the ground—some sneaky deals might get whispered about before the big day.
  • Price Tags Aren't Everything: Big, flashy discounts can catch your eye, but don't let a low price tag be the siren that leads you to rocky shores. Think about what's packed into that deal. Continuous updates? Chances to chat with native speakers? That's the kind of treasure that'll keep your language voyage on course.
  • Long-Term Planning: And here's the clincher—make sure whatever deal you grab is more than just a flash in the pan. You want something that'll stick with you on your journey from fresh-faced beginner to seasoned language swashbuckler. Platforms that grow with you, like Memrise, are the kind of mates you want on your ship.

Memrise: The Cool Kid on the Block for Language Buffs Who Love Media


Let's face it, the days of snoozing through language class in a stuffy room are long gone. Enter Memrise, your new best bud in the world of language apps, and it's not just another Black Friday deal. It's the hot ticket for you, yeah you, the one who's glued to international films and viral TikTok dances, and thinking, "Hey, I wanna talk like that!"

Real Talk with Real Videos: Memrise is killing it with this sweet setup where they turn real clips from YouTube and TikTok into your personal language lessons. It's perfect for movie buffs and anyone who's ever watched a foreign flick and thought, "I wish I got that joke without the subtitles." Memrise gets it. They're all about helping you catch those little cultural quirks and sayings that make a language zing. And come Black Friday, you're not just buying a subscription; you're getting a backstage pass to the global stage.

Chatting Up with MemBot: Forget about drilling flashcards till your brain melts. Memrise has this cool bot, MemBot, that's like having a convo with your multilingual pal. It throws you into chats that feel like the real deal, minus the sweaty palms and awkwardness. Mess up? No biggie. MemBot's got your back, helping you get slicker with your words without any side-eye.

Real-World Words for Real-World Wins: Memrise knows the deal—language ain't just about acing tests; it's about chatting up a storm with locals, sealing deals, and making friends at a dive bar in a city you can't pronounce. They hook you up with the right lingo for just about any scenario you might tumble into, so when life throws you a curveball, you're ready to hit it outta the park, linguistically speaking.

Convo Over Cards: While other apps are still playing the flashcard game, Memrise is all about getting you gabbing. It's like the difference between learning guitar to play in your bedroom and joining a band that's got a gig. If you're picking up what they're putting down this Black Friday, you're not just getting an app; you're signing up to make languages part of your daily jam.


Wrapping Up Black Friday: It's Just the Start of Your Language Learning Party


Alright, folks! Black Friday's wrapping up, Cyber Monday is about to be done, and while the sale signs are coming down, your language adventure is just getting fired up. Remember, learning a new tongue isn't a one-day wonder—it's your epic quest, and it's always on.

In the wild world of Black Friday steals, Memrise is like that trusty friend who's got the real scoop—not just a cool deal, but a golden ticket to becoming a global citizen. Think about it: those videos you binge-watch on YouTube and TikTok can actually be your language lessons, and that chatty MemBot? It's like your own personal tutor, minus the scary pop quizzes.

Last Call: Hop on the Language Express with Memrise

As you're sifting through the last of those Black Friday goodies or Cyber Monday deals, keep your eyes peeled for Memrise. It's the north star for your language voyage, whether you're a movie buff ready to ditch the subtitles or a TikTok dancer waiting to understand those catchy lyrics.

This isn't just about snagging a bargain. It's about choosing a sidekick for your daily chats, your travels, and all those "I nailed it!" moments in a new language. Memrise doesn't just want you to memorize stuff; it wants you to use it—to chat, to bond, to live the language.

So, what's it gonna be? Stick with the norm or jump into a world where your words can take you anywhere? Give Memrise a whirl this Black Friday and keep that language party going long after the sales have cooled off.

C'mon, join the fam, and let's get this language journey rolling. With Memrise, you're not just learning—you're living the lingo.

Your move. Are you in? Let's make every word count.

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