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Learning journeys,

How Chinese is helping me learn Japanese

During my last two years of school around ten years ago, I was lucky enough to...

03/01/2018 0 Min Read

Culture around the world

10 Must Read Spanish Books

Written by some of the best Spanish authors, here are 10 of the best Spanish...

05/12/2017 0 Min Read

Bilingualism Around The World,

¿Sabes any Spanglish? Or maybe, un poco de inglañol?

“Spanglish” – You have most likely heard this word before. Or maybe “Inglañol”?...

01/12/2017 0 Min Read

The joy of languages

Why French is much easier to learn than English

French is the language of love. With its romantic cities, world-class wines,...

28/11/2017 0 Min Read


Immersion language learning: The best way to learn a new language

Immersion language learning is the key to success. Find out how to immerse...

24/09/2021 0 Min Read

Bilingualism Around The World

Multi-Lingual Celebrities: Famous people who speak multiple languages

These multi-lingual celebrities speak many languages, some of whom you probably...

21/11/2017 0 Min Read

The joy of languages

Why Do People Code-Switch?

Ce moment when you start penser en deux langues at the same temps… ever had it?...

15/11/2017 0 Min Read

Culture around the world

22 Must-See Spanish Films

Watching films is a great way to learn a new language. Just sit back, enjoy the...

11/11/2017 0 Min Read
40 French words you already knew - Memrise

The joy of languages

40 French Words You Already Know

Around a third of all words in English come from French. This is due to the...

17/10/2017 0 Min Read