Changes ahead: a smarter way to track your language learning progress

Changes ahead: a smarter way to track your language learning progress

A new system to track your language learning progress. With a proficiency level framework and points-based system, it's easy to know where' you're at.
May 17 2024

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We’re excited to announce a significant update to the Memrise app designed to make your language learning experience smoother, more intuitive, and ultimately more rewarding. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re thrilled to introduce a new way to track your progress that better aligns with how real-life language learning happens.

Tracking your progress

Previously, our home screen featured a weekly goal tracker suggesting you learn 35 words, watch 5 videos, and have 5 conversations with MemBot. While well-intentioned, many of you found this approach confusing and restrictive, and we heard your concerns about feeling lost and unsure about your progress.

We’re redefining how progress is tracked to address this, grounding it firmly in Memrise’s language learning pedagogy. To truly speak a new language like a native, you need to:

  1. Learn words: build a solid vocabulary foundation.
  2. Hear your words: watch and hear real-life language usage to enhance your comprehension skills.
  3. Use your words: practice speaking in a judgment-free environment to gain confidence and improve fluency.

With this in mind, our new system introduces a proficiency-level framework and a point-based progression system:

  • Proficiency framework. This framework consists of 31 levels and 7 stages.
    • Levels are numerical, for example, if you’re learning Spanish you’ll see Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, etc. 
    • Stages are groups of levels, going from “Absolute Beginner” to “Mastery” 
  • Points-based progression: Every word you learn, video you watch, and conversation you have with MemBot now earns you points. Points accumulate per activity and contribute to your total Memrise score, or “My Score”, as you will see it in the home screen.
  • Level advancement: Your total points place you in one of the proficiency levels, and you progress by accumulating more points. Each level is a step closer to language mastery.

To read how many points each activity is awarded, and more detail on how levels and stages are defined, you can go here.



Your Current Progress

When this update rolls out, we will convert all the hard work you’ve already put into Memrise into the new point system. You’ll start at a proficiency level that truly reflects your learning so far. We assure you that none of your previous efforts will be lost. Instead, they’ll be recognized and quantified to give you a jump start in our new system.

What About the Weekly Goals?

We understand that some of you appreciated the structure of weekly goals. While these are being phased out, this new system will keep you motivated daily and weekly, offering a clearer and more flexible path to fluency.

Two new features to help you make progress and understand where you’re at 

In addition to the new tracking system, we’re introducing two features designed to help you make better progress and have a clearer understanding of your learning journey:

  • Activity recommendation engine: This new feature, displayed at the bottom of the Home tab, suggests the next activity for you: learn words, watch videos or complete chats. Unlike the previous system, it’s not restrictive. You have the freedom to swipe and choose a different activity if you prefer, ensuring a personalized and flexible learning experience.

  • My Words: accessible by clicking the book icon at the top of the Home screen, the 'My Words' feature provides a clear and concrete place to see all the words and phrases you’ve fully learned and those you’re currently learning. Here, you can also mark items as known or difficult and launch Review, Speed Review, and Difficult Words sessions.


When will these changes happen?

This significant change will be introduced in stages, starting with iOS users in early June, followed shortly by Android and web users. We’ll share specific dates as soon as we can! It will roll out first to all users who opted into the current Memrise app version. If you’re unsure if that’s you, or if you’re still in the older Memirse experience here’s what they look like:


If you use Memrise across different platforms, don’t worry. Your points and progress will be tracked continuously. You’ll see the updates on iOS first, and once the other platforms are updated, all your progress will sync seamlessly.

No Extra Steps Needed

There’s nothing you need to do right now. This is just an early heads-up. The transition will be smooth and automatic. We’re sharing this to keep you informed and prepared for what’s ahead.

FAQs Answered


Sounds great! How do I get started?

Once the new features are available on your device, head to the Home tab to start tracking your points. If you’ve already learned with Memrise, you’ll be placed at the right level based on your progress so far. A few other recommendations:

  • Follow the ‘Up next’ prompts at the bottom of the Home tab to stay on track with learning words, hearing words, and using words.
  • To view 'My Words,' click the Book icon at the top of the Home tab.
  • If you're using Classic Memrise and want these new features, submit your email via this form, and we'll switch your account over.

How are points and levels calculated?
Points and levels are attributed per language pair (the language you speak, and the language you are learning). 

You earn different numbers of Points for each ‘action’ according to the table below:

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 16.15.21

Your points correspond to levels as follows:

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 16.15.58
What happens to my current progress and data when the new features are rolled out?
No progress is lost! You will be placed at a level and stage based on the number of words you’ve learned or started learning, videos you’ve watched and conversations you’ve completed. 

How do I track my progress if I switch between different devices?
Your words learned/started, videos watched and conversations completed are tracked on all platforms, so when you return to any platform with the points and levels system, your points will be updated. 

Can I still set goals?

No, not right now.

How does this affect my subscription?

Nothing will change there. You’ll still have access to all content and features available on Memrise.

Your Feedback Matters

As we roll out these changes, your insights and experiences remain invaluable to us. Please share how the updated system enhances your learning or areas where we can make it better by contacting us here.