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Grammar - Part 33

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Sono uscita con lui
I went out with him
L’ho fatto per te
I did it for you
Vuole me non te
He wants me not you
Piaci molto a Giancarlo
Giancarlo really likes you. (lit.: you really please him.) Dimmi, ti piaccio veramente?
Vuoi bene a Michele?
Do you love Michele?
Amo soltanto mio marito
I love only my husband
Come ti sembra questa proposta?
What do you think of this proposal? (lit.: How does this proposal seem to you?)
Mi pare che sia fattibile
It seems to me that it is feasible
Credo che sia una buona idea
I think it is a good idea
Marco pensa che l’albergo sia caro
Marco thinks the hotel is expensive