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Italian Summer in the 60s
What's the Pizza Crust Called?
Sleeping in a Cube
5 Unusual Places to Sleep
Discover Monte Isola Island
Eating in Naples with 5 Euros
Lost in Florence
Living in Venice
A short tour of Bologna - Pt 1
Lovely Sicily
Going Out at 30 Years Old
Cinema 100 Years Ago
How College Works
Best Christmas Markets
My Mom with Me vs My Friends
December 7 Traditions
Vacation to Israel
Having Lunch at the Restaurant
Get To Know Carolina!
Luca Meets Claudia
Get To Know Giulia
Get To Know Simona!
Get To Know Gennaro!
Fazio Interviews Hunziker
Where Do You Live?
Q&A with Sio
Passersby's Introductions
Q&A with Arisa
Q&A with Lea Gavino
Q&A with Luis Sal
Carlo Introduces Himself
Francesco Introduces Himself
Paola Introduces Herself
What Is Beauty?
Ughina Comes Home Late
A Quick Break-Up
Fighting Over Parking
What Do You Think of Sanremo?
Shaving: Yay or Nay?
Wife and Husband Fight
Can Vandalism be Activism?
The Earth Will Survive
Make-Up: Yay or Nay?
Cats or Dogs?
Giacomo's Arrival
Fast Fashion
Love Does Not Exist
Life Choices
Career Choices
Sana's Best Answers
Fighting Comedians
Talent and Practice
The effect of The Internet
Holiday in Italy
Why Do I Travel?
Beautiful Cycle Paths in Italy
Discovering Palermo
Best Food in Padova
Life on a Campervan
Travel and Dream
What to See in Ferrara
Best Italian Carnival Festival
Sleeping in a Bubble
Italian People and Holiday
A Weekend in Modena
Discovering Milano
A Love Letter to Italy
The Perfect Suitcase
Travel Diary: a Bike and a Dog
Holidays and Zodiac Signs
The Green Train of the Alps
Dedicated to the Travellers
Job Interview: Don't Say This!
Job Interviews: 7 Mistakes
Looking for a Job
Create your LinkedIn Network
Hobbies and Job Interviews
How to Write a CV
Interview with a Bookseller
The First Day of Work
A Barista on his First Day
Working for the European Union
The Great Resignation in Italy
Golden Rules for Job Interview
Writing a Successful CV
The Paradox of a Job Interview
Live Music after Covid
Social Life after Covid
Weekend in Milan
Rave Culture in Italy
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Healthy habits to feel better
Making a difference in the community
Beginner: Meeting someone at your new job
Organising a holiday activity
Organising a surprise birthday
Recommending a book
Say I love you without saying "I love you"
Beginner: Saying where you're from
Secret to longevity
Studying with your school friend
Talking about your family
Your favourite sport
Your dream job
Your favourite study subject
Relationship advice
Discussing about AI
That special person
Celebrity culture
Talking about climate change

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