"Very embarrassing 🤦‍♀️"

Posted: September 25 2020




When we asked for your learning stories for our 10th birthday, you sent them in droves! Here’s how one learner is trying to avoid further situations in French by learning with our locals. 


I try to refresh my embarrassingly rusty French with Memrise. Especially pronunciation is difficult for me so your example videos help a lot.

I’m from Finland and I’m learning French. 

I had learned French at school and also at university, but my pronunciation is awful. I went to Paris few years back with couple of my friends and realized that either people were talking so fast I could understand only half of what was said, or when I tried to say something, I didn’t get understood. For example, I tried to order lemon juice and got cider instead… Very embarrassing. 

The videos are what I like the most about Memrise. The people on them speak exactly like they would speak in their real lives. Nobody speaks louder or slower or with Finnish accent. I can listen to examples of how the language sounds like in an authentic environment, and not in a classroom. 

Happy Birthday! 


Thanks to everyone who sent in their story! Here’s to 10 more years (and more!) of language learning 1f389