5 Top Tips for Tourists Learning a Language

5 Top Tips for Tourists Learning a Language

We asked Memrise Co-founder Ben for his top 5 tips for tourists who are learning a language. Have an upcoming trip planned this year? You'll want to make sure to read these before setting off!
January 27 2023 learning science Memrise News & Events

1. Go method

Take a few minutes to think up a character and personality for yourself in the new language. When you speak in the target language, imagine it like a performance. When you are performing you are not yourself so you feel less embarrassed. That means you are freer to get struck in and try. The more amusing detail you put into the character, the more fun you'll have with it and the more progress you'll make. It's liberating!

2. Get singing

Pick 3 songs in your target language and learn to sing them before you go. Songs include a lot of the most commonly used language, and pronunciation is easier to pick up when singing, so this will give you a huge head start. Try our immersive lessons based on hit songs - watch the videos first, then get learning the lyrics!

3. Practice makes perfect

Make a note of the vocabulary you need to get through the conversations you have with MemBot, our Language Partner Chatbot. Learn that vocabulary, and only that vocabulary. MemBot's responses give you an accurate representation of how native speakers will talk, ensuring that you learn the exact words that you need to communicate in order to do the things you want to do. No more and no less. That is the most efficient route to satisfying progress.

4. Only learn what you need

Think of the situations that you are likely to be in when you are in the country - buying food, meeting people, renting skis - whatever you are going to need the language for. Then go and practice those exact situations on MemBot. You'll find MemBot conversations that cover pretty much any situation you might encounter. Practicing with a chatbot first gives you the confidence to speak to real people later.

5. This is an easy one

HAVE FUN. The number one killer of motivation when learning a language is a lack of enthusiasm. If you don't find it enjoyable, why would you keep it up? This is why it's so important to ensure you're learning through the things you already love anyway. With Memrise's library of immersive video lessons, you can learn French through football, Spanish through singing and so much more. Jump in and enjoy the ride!