Travel is back: Discover the COVID-safe phrases you need to know

Travel is back: Discover the COVID-safe phrases you need to know

Planning your trip? Learn all COVID-related phrases on our Travel Essentials Course to help you travel smoothly and safely in our ‘post-Covid’ world.
July 08 2021

After a long time in lockdown stuck at home binging on Netflix... COVID-19 cases are decreasing, more people are getting vaccinated, and the world is starting to open up again.

Many countries are now welcoming tourists... which means it's time to travel!

But life is different now. Face-masks, hand sanitizers and vaccines are on people’s minds. More than ever, it’s important to keep informed and stick to country guidelines. That’s why we created our Return to Travel Course – packed with COVID-safe phrases to help your adventures go as smoothly and safely as possible.

Planning your next trip? Add a course (below) onto your list of travel essentials. The pandemic limited our travel for a while. So we’ve got some catching up to do...


What to expect from this Return to Travel Covid-safe course?

8 languages. 21 words & phrases. A whole world to explore with them:

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Explore our courses below:

“It feels great to finally be able to travel again!” in Italian = è fantastico poter finalmente viaggiare di nuovo! 🇮🇹


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Expect fun & fast learning to help you travel again in this ‘post-COVID’ world. Kick-start your travels with confidence with all the COVID-relevant words and phrases that’ll get you speaking like a local.


Learn phrases like:

  • Do you sell hand sanitiser?
  • I don’t have any symptoms of Covid
  • I've had my vaccine
  • I already washed my hands
  • Can I pay with contactless?

Plus many more phrases that’ll let you travel stress-free. Our video clips of local speakers teach you to speak real-life language like they do.

 “I’ve got my vaccine passport” in French = j'ai un passeport vaccinal


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Not got much time before your trip? Relax. Our proven memory techniques push you to pick up vocabulary FAST. Besides, you can always keep our app in your back pocket. 👀


Why learn some language before travelling?


Travelling and language learning come hand-in-hand, like a married couple. This is because the more you understand and speak the local language in a foreign country, the richer your travels become.

Language proficiency helps you:

  • Connect with local speakers 
  • Explore and understand cultures deeply
  • Unlock new experiences only possible through that language
  • Travel easily and avoid potential difficulties


What makes our language courses unique, is that they immerse you in the language of your destination before you’ve even arrived! Whether you’re relaxing on the sofa, on your way to work, or waiting for your friends at a bar... you can acquire real-language skills in a fun and fast way.

Turn your home into a rich, cultural adventure with Memrise. And then travel for real!


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Discover how to use your new language in all kinds of real situations. Notice how videos of locals, speech tests, listening exercises, speed vocab reviews, and learning reminders turn learning a language into a fun and addictive game.

To learn COVID-safe phrases on our Return to Travel courses: See the links near the top of this post.

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