Memrise’s guide to bringing the outside world in with a new language

Posted: March 26 2020

Learning Spanish on Memrise App


Our lives are moving online and we’re all trying to reshape our daily routines. Adding a new language makes a great addition to your schedule and it doesn’t have to be daunting to do it on your own. 

In this guide we’ll outline three easy steps you can follow to create a daily habit that will enrich your learning experience and bring a little bit of the outside into your home, making it feel like a new world.

Language learning

Step 1. Choose your language

Picking the language you’ve always dreamed of will help you stick to your learning routine. Here are five popular languages among English speakers:

Mexican Spanish and European Spanish




The one you’re after not on that list? Here’s a full list of official courses.


Step 2. Make the most out of Memrise to learn from home

  • Set up weekly learning challenges with friends and family. Follow these steps to create a Memrise study group and invite others to join. Learning together will keep you connected and have fun while learning.
  • Set a daily goal. Now more than ever it’s healthy to set a daily routine around your home life. A daily goal will help you build that habit.
  • Let us bring a bit of the outside world to you. Our official courses include native speaker audio and video clips that help you learn while making you feel like you’re connected to the world.


Step 3. Online is the new world. Explore and immerse yourself in a new language.

The key to building your understanding is immersing yourself in natural language content. Do a bit of online digging and pick whatever you’re into the most: comedy series, action films, cooking lessons, … you name it, it’s probably there. 

Here are a few top recommendations:

  • Music in different languages. It doesn’t matter if you understand the lyrics, you won’t be the first to make them up as you joyfully sing along. It’ll help you get used to how it sounds and you can sneak in a dancing session, double points.
  • A daily dose of the news. A lot of what’s being said in the media will be the same in other languages, so switching to another language will help you build your understanding skills more. But don’t forget to take a break from the news.
  • Good ol’ video streaming. Whatever your favorite genre is, you’ll definitely find videos online in the language you’re learning. Subtitles will help you follow along. Netflix and learn, maybe?

Learning a new language is a great way to explore a new world from home. We hope this guide will help you get started. Share your at-home learning routine with us through our social media channels, you’ll have a chance to win an annual subscription. We’d really love to hear from you (we’re indoors too).