Memrise Discord App: learn a language together and win prizes!

Memrise Discord App: learn a language together and win prizes!

We're super excited to announce two brand-new features...
June 27 2023 Memrise News & Events

Recently, we announced a partnership with the dynamic social platform Discord to bring our unique AI language chatbot to a wider audience and to encourage community learning. You can check out the Memrise Discord App in Discord’s App Directory.

Since the launch, the Memrise Discord App has seen over 10k downloads, becoming one of the most popular new apps on the platform! Your feedback has inspired us to create even more ways to enhance your language learning journey. We're now excited to announce two new, interactive features on the Memrise Discord App: leaderboards and competitions!

First up, the new ‘/leaderboard’ command will allow individual members within Discord servers to track their points and see where they stand amongst their peers in real time.

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Secondly, we’re launching cross-server competitions, meaning you can now pit your language skills as a team against other servers!

Every time you interact with the Memrise Discord App, and every time you complete a mission, you win points for your server. This competition will take place every two weeks and there are prizes for the top 3 servers that can be shared between server members! Additionally, even if your server doesn’t make the podium, there will be a special surprise for the servers that get to the top 50.

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Get over to Discord and bring your A-game. Happy learning, and may the best server win! 


  • What is it?

    A new command, ‘/leaderboard’, and a challenge to gain the most XP points compared to other servers. Using ‘/learn solo’ in activities will add points to the member’s personal XP, while ‘/learn together’ will add XP directly to the server's total.

  • How do servers earn XP points?

    By adding up the total of XP earned by their members.

  • How do members earn XP points?

    Completing missions, keeping the conversation going, ability to respond without need for translations or hints are all real examples of how users can earn points.

  • Who can participate?

    All servers that have downloaded the bot and activated the ‘/leaderboard’ command.

  • Where can members check rankings?

    Server owners will need to add the leaderboard to a channel using the ‘/leaderboard’ command. There will be an option in the leaderboard to view the global leaderboard.

  • When is the competition starting?

    It will start Monday 26th June, 2023 and it ends in two weeks time, Sunday 9 July, 2023.

  • What are the prizes?

    Discord members can win Discord Nitro Subscriptions and Memrise Pro Subscriptions:

    1st place server: 1 month of Nitro + Memrise Pro for top 7 users

    2nd place server: 1 month of Nitro + Memrise Pro for top 5 users

    3rd place server: 1 month of Memrise Pro for top 5 users

    4th-50th place servers: 1 month of Memrise Pro for top 3 users

Check out our Memrise Bot in Discord’s App Directory!

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