Meet our 50 millionth learner 🎉

Posted: September 25 2020




In the 10 years we’ve been in existence, we’ve helped over 50 million users learn a new language. We tracked down our 50 millionth learner, Cat from California, and here’s her story!

Where are you from?

I’m originally from California, but have been living in New York City for the past few years. 

What language are you learning?


Why do you want to learn that language?

I’ve studied French casually on and off for a few years, but kicked it up a notch this year due to an upcoming trip to France. I have always been fascinated by French culture, and I really wanted to be able to have fulfilling conversations with people that I might not have been able to meet if I only spoke English. While I had to postpone my Parisian travel plans due to COVID, I was really enjoying the learning process and continued to immerse myself in the language while being at home. I went into this journey simply wanting the ability to speak French, but the best thing about this process has been gaining a new perspective that a different culture and way of thinking can bring. 

What do you like about Memrise the most?

I like that you get exposure to modern, French speakers! Hearing how french speakers actually talk and pronounce words is more useful to me than just reading a textbook for hours. Don’t get me wrong, knowing the grammar and foundation of the language is incredibly important, but in order to put it to use — I needed to hear how the language was spoken. 

Plus the people on Memrise are lovely. They have fun with the language themselves, and provide useful examples of everyday situations, so that you can start applying the language right away in your own life.

How does it feel to be Memrise’s 50 millionth learner?

The first thing I said to myself when I found out was “Aww!” I think it’s so great to know that millions of people are learning new languages, and therefore pushing themselves beyond their usual comfort. I’m one of them! It’s really cool to know that I’m a part of such a fantastic community of people that want to learn. It was also just wild to know that one day I decided to download Memrise, and it ended up being a really fantastic milestone for the company. Love it!