Learning on Memrise to watch Spanish TV and movies 🎥

Posted: September 25 2020




When we asked for your learning stories for our 10th birthday, you sent them in droves! Indira from Indonesia tells us how she’s now enjoying Spanish movies and TV thanks to Memrise! 



Name: Indira

From: Indonesia

Hey, I’m Indira from Indonesia. Through Memrise, I’m currently learning Spanish. I choose Spanish because I like listening to Spanish songs. Not only music, I also want to enjoy Spanish movies and TV series without reading subtitles. By learning Spanish, I hope to be able to understand more about rich Hispanic culture. Another reason I learn Spanish is that some Spanish words share the same roots with English, so I can quickly remember and understand it. What I like about Memrise the most is the way we can help other learners by making unique and catchy Mems. It literally helps me to remember and spell the word exactly! Another thing is because I really like Memrise’s methods of learning! I think it just fits best in me and it keeps me motivated to learn more each day.

Happy birthday memrise!!

definitely learned so much! 1f642 



Thanks to everyone who sent in their story! Here’s to 10 more years (and more!) of language learning 1f389