Learning Korean in a couple of months

Posted: September 25 2020




When we asked for your learning stories for our 10th birthday, you sent them in droves! Here’s one learner to managed to learn Korean hangul just in time for a trip to Korea.


Happy birthday! I learned Korean hangul quickly in Memrise a couple of months before my departure to Seoul, and it really helps a lot! Thank you Memrise!

• I used Memrise for Korean

• I want to learn Korean because I am a fan of K-Pop and K-Dramas, and I was about to visit Korea so I want to have some basics in Korean and hangul to ease my experience

• I like Memrise because the method of learning is unique and fun, so I was able to learn pretty quickly


Thanks to everyone who sent in their story! Here’s to 10 more years (and more!) of language learning 1f389