Learning German in Germany

Posted: September 25 2020



When we asked for your learning stories for our 10th birthday, you sent them in droves! Here’s how one of our learners is using Memrise to brush up on their German (which is important since they’re living in Germany!)


8 years ago I learned A LOT of Japanese through you guys. I became s big fan bc I had not much support of my family in pursuing that dream. Anyway, nowadays I live in Germany and use the german decks to improve a little every day. I’m always recommending it to everyone bc its crystal clear how brilliant Memrise and the people who work for it are!2764

I’m from Brazil, I’m currently living in Germany so I’m learning German. I want to learn German because once I read a bit of Faust and was mesmerized by the language which produced a true genius such as Goethe. I like Memrise because it truly conveys a purpose. I feel like it does everything it cans to motivate me, and teach me as best as possible


Thanks to everyone who sent in their story! Here’s to 10 more years (and more!) of language learning 1f389