Learn English with JESSIKA's Debut Album!

Learn English with JESSIKA's Debut Album!

Take your English proficiency to the next level. JESSIKA'S music will be your guide on this exciting linguistic adventure. By tapping into the power of music, we're going to make learning English not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable.
September 12 2023 music


Get ready to embark on an extraordinary language journey as we join forces with the sensational British singer-songwriter JESSIKA, who has recently unveiled her debut album, "World Ain't Ready." Brace yourself for a unique and immersive experience that will supercharge your English skills! 

Learn English through JESSIKA's Music

Each of the 12 songs in JESSIKA's album has inspired a dedicated English lesson. By tapping into the power of her music, we've created a comprehensive learning experience that will not only make learning English effective but also incredibly enjoyable. Plus, there is some bonus content! Head to JESSIKA's page on Memrise to discover it.

Start Listening

Incorporating music into language learning has been proven to enhance comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation. JESSIKA's songs are not only joyfully catchy tunes but also rich in English expressions and idiomatic phrases. By immersing yourself in her music, you'll have a chance to improve your listening skills and get a better sense of how language is used in context.

Tailor Your Learning Experience

At Memrise, we understand that language learning should be as diverse and unique as you are. That's why we offer a wide range of lessons to cater to your specific interests. If you're already passionate about music, you're in for a treat. Our JESSIKA-inspired language lessons are uniquely designed to cater to music lovers like you. We understand that when you're into music, you have a special connection with rhythm, melody, and lyrics. That's why our lessons based on JESSIKA's songs are the perfect match for your interests.

Just like a musician practices their instrument to perfection, language learners can now refine their English skills through the rhythm and lyrics of JESSIKA's songs. It's an immersive experience that goes beyond textbooks and exercises, allowing you to learn the language in a way that resonates with your musical soul. 

Available for German and Spanish Speakers Learning English

If you speak German or Spanish and are learning English, you're in luck. JESSIKA's lessons are tailored to meet the needs of learners from these language backgrounds, making it easier for you to connect with the material and accelerate your English language skills.

Preview of JESSIKA'S Spanish landing page on Memrise




Preview of JESSIKA'S German landing page on Memrise

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The Learn - Immerse - Communicate Cycle

As you probably know, language learning goes beyond memorizing words and phrases. It's about immersing yourself in the language, engaging with it in real-life contexts, and ultimately, communicating fluently. At Memrise, we're committed to the Learn - Immerse - Communicate cycle, and our partnership with JESSIKA's music is a perfect example of how we bring this approach to life.

How to Get Started

To begin your journey of learning English with JESSIKA's music, head over to her landing page on our website. Alternatively, you can search for "JESSIKA" in our apps to access these exciting lessons. We've made it easy for you to dive into this unique language-learning experience.

Get ready to experience the magic of language learning through music with JESSIKAs "World Ain't Ready" album. Get her album and keep practicing!