International Translation Day: Celebrating the Power of Languages

International Translation Day: Celebrating the Power of Languages

We go wild for International Translation Day. Find out why this day is so special and discover the true power of languages.
September 20 2021

The Memrise team is full of language lovers, which is why we’re excited about International Translation Day on 30th September 2021 and what it represents.


What is International Translation Day?

International Translation Day celebrates the global value of languages. Since the UN’s General Assembly instated the day in May 2017: Conferences, seminars and translation contests are held on 30 September every year to mark the Feast Day of St Jerome, the patron Saint of translators who translated the New Testament’s Greek manuscripts into Latin.

The day celebrates the work of language professionals – translators, interpreters, writers, editors, publishers, and more – and crucial role of language translations in:

  • Connecting countries and cultures from all corners of the world
  • Creating public dialogue and peace within global diplomacy
  • Inspiring person connection among diverse human beings

Why does Memrise celebrate International Translation Day? 

This year’s theme for 2021 International Translation Day is ‘United in Translation’, reminding us how languages bring people together.

This resonates with us hugely. We love how speaking another language can knock down language barriers and inspire new relationships. Did you know that speaking just one word in someone’s native tongue is enough to form an emotional connection with them?

On 30 September, we give a big thumbs up to all the professionals who help spread languages across the world. New here? This is a good time to explore one of our language courses.  

Don’t worry, we provide the translations! In fact: our learning system teaches you to learn words and phrases incredibly fast. But how?


You can learn fast by encoding memories richly 

We teach you words and phrases that are spoken in everyday life by real locals, using proven scientific techniques.

Interesting fact: things that capture our interest and attention and elicit some emotion are the things that stick in our minds. Think how much easier it is to remember something cool/funny/outrageous than something boring? That’s why Memrise courses use fun content that sticks in your mind – with a little help from the features we’ve developed to review and practice what you learn.


How does it work?  

Unforgettable videos of real locals in context



"Genial!" = "Awesome!" (in French)


Our charismatic videos of real native speakers teach you to speak words and phrases in context like they do. Since they’re so fun... you’re able to associate the word/phrase with each video and encode this vivid memory into your brain. We also offer witty verbal connections between your native language and the language you’re learning to help with this.


Scheduled Spaced Repetition

 Memrise vocab product


Our spaced repetition system pushes you to properly anchor these words/phrases into your mind by asking you to recall them. The intervals between tests are carefully calculated to commit words and phrases to memory as fast and thoroughly as possible.

Your performance impacts the scheduling of these tests. You’ll be tested more often on language that is new and more difficult, and less often on older and less difficult things.

(Read more about memory from our Memory Champion co-founder: Ed Cooke)


Memrise Review Features

Don’t worry. Our Classic and Speed review features ensure you’ve got the translations of your favourite words and phrases on lock.

Speed Review
(Web, iOS, Android)

Memrise Speed Review

  • Available after 3 words learnt
  • Faster recall = higher score
  • Wrong = lose a heart 

Classic Review
(Web, iOS, Android)

Memrise Classic Review

  • For previously learnt words
  • Calculated intervals to enhance long term memory
  • Success = grow flower


These awesome language professionals have helped get the power of language into people’s hands. Now it’s over to you to embrace it. What are you waiting for?


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