February Product Roundup

February Product Roundup

A monthly roundup of news about changes, updates and improvements to the Memrise product.
February 21 2022 product

How does Memrise’s spaced repetition system work?


You may have wondered why you are prompted to review a word or sentence so often when learning with Memrise. This is because the Memrise algorithm predicts when any given word or sentence is likely to fall out of your long-term memory and lines it up for you to review. This is based on a learning technique called the spaced repetition system, which is the idea that learning in spaced intervals leads to stronger memories. 

Each time you answer a word or sentence correctly on Memrise, it will be lined up to be reviewed again in the next interval. The review schedule is as follows:

4 hours > 12 hours > 24 hours > 6 days > 12 days > 48 days > 96 days > 6 months

If you get an item wrong during a review, it will be moved back to the first interval i.e. it will be up for review in 4 hours. 

So next time you have items to review, don’t put it off! It may just be the ticket to helping you remember those trickier phrases when out and about.

Want to know even more about the spaced repetition system? Check out this other blog post.


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