December Product Roundup

December Product Roundup

A monthly roundup of news about changes, updates and improvements to the Memrise product.
December 16 2021 product

We’re rounding off the year with the release of three new experiences across our platforms. We’ve been working hard and are really proud of these ones, so let’s get to it!

iOS Beta is here

New users with an iOS device will now be invited to try out our mobile Beta experience. While traditional learning forces you to sequence your learning one unit after the next, this new version of the Memrise app allows you to choose to learn vocabulary and phrases based on topics that interest you.

If you don’t see the option to join yet, hold tight! We’re gathering feedback from a small pool of users so we can make any tweaks and improvements before fully rolling it out. 




Dictionary at your fingertips

Ever been in a situation where you know you’ve learnt the word for something, but it’s just not coming to you in that moment? Introducing Dictionary for Android users! This feature allows you to see a list of items you’ve encountered as well as the items coming up. You’ll also be able to ignore and mark any items as difficult here. Stay tuned as we’ll continue to work on this (including adding the ability to search for items!)


Shiny new web experience

From 31st December, we’ll be moving all users learning on the Memrise website over to our Beta dashboard and learning sessions. This is the first step in continuing to improve the Memrise user experience on the website and building a flexible and intuitive language learning system that we can iterate on quicker. Head to to take a look!

              Blog-ProductRoundUp-03We can’t wait to share with you all the exciting things we have lined up for 2022!


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