315 Chinese Songs To Suit Every Mood

    Posted: October 17 2019


    Punk rock and indie Rock

    Chinese Rock scene only started around the 80s, when the “cool kids” in Beijing suddenly discovered the Beatles. Inspired by these big western rock bands, China’s bands quickly developed their own style.


    Karaoke must-haves

    Karaoke is huge in China, so you’ll want to get to know these classics. Known as “KTV”, singing cheesy, silly love songs are all part of the fun.


    One night in Beijing

    Want to enjoy the vibrant nighlife in China? Get accquainted with this playlist – before you know it, you’ll be singing along and partying with the locals.


    Chinese rap

    After the huge success of the TV show “The Rap of China” in 2017, lots of underground Chinese rap artists entered mainstream. Follow the playlist and discover Chinese rap in the new era.


    Love Song Duets

    What’s more fun than singing Karaoke? Singing Karaoke with someone else! Singing love song duets is always a good way to turn your KTV party up a notch.


    80s hits

    Pop music was almost non-existent in China before the reform and opening-up in 1978. Chinese pop music thrived in the 80s, and these are the hits that stormed Chinese radio then.


    90s hits

    The 90s saw the first pop music boom in China. This playlist is dedicated to the classics that all the parents are now singing to when their kids aren’t in the car with them.