157 German Songs To Suit Every Mood

Posted: October 17 2019


German 90s

The fall of the Berlin Wall led to some serious soul searching in the 90s. Popular songs from this era reflect that journey, ranging from Eurodance to hip-hop to punk… and yet, somehow, David Hasselhof is also on the list.


Songs about Liebe

Inside that seemingly cold and distant exterior, Germans are just real big softies inside. These love songs are like flamethrowers that will melt even the iciest of hearts (or a wracking ball that shatters your heart into a million pieces).



Warning: “Ohrwürmer” means “ear-worms”, which means this playlist is highly addictive. You’ve been warned.


Neue Deutsche Welle

German New Wave was on a mission to make German music cool again. This movement from the 80s was initially inspired by British punk and new wave, but then quickly took a life of its own and took over the airwaves.


Not Made in Germany

Whether it’s German artists covering popular songs or bands going the extra mile for their fans, there’s a plethora of popular English songs that were rewritten in German. Is there a better way to learn the language than through songs you’re familiar with already?