138 French Songs To Suit Every Mood

138 French Songs To Suit Every Mood

French Songs rank with the world's best Prepare for lyrical genius, catchy beats, strong messages and powerful stories. All which can improve your French.
October 17 2019

How many songs in your native language have you subconsciously memorised, just by hearing them over and over again?


Do you belt out Justin Bieber, The Beatles, Eminem or Madonna in the shower? If so... you are our hero.

singing in the shower


Listening to sounds over and over lets you figure out how the language works and also commits it to memory. That’s why music can be a super easy and useful way to help learn French.


Remember how you learnt the alphabet at school? My teacher played us the ABC song and asked us to sing it. Hearing and shouting out those A, B, C’s at the top of our lungs every day got them memorised easy peasy! 


Cool thing is: the same goes for music in another language. It’s why listening to music can be a fun tool to add to your language learning. Just to be clear: you’ll need more than just an awesome Spotify playlist to learn French. But it can help to add one to your arsenal of language learning tools. 😎


Dream of drinking wine under the Eiffel Tower? Landing a job in France? Simply exploring the culture and communicating with people? Whatever it is, here are 138 French songs – ‘chansons’ – to suit every mood.


Why listen to French Songs to help learn French?


  • Doing something you love in another language helps you learn that language!


Why only follow your passions in 1 language? BORING! Take your love for music to another level by listening in French. This will help immerse you in the French language and help you learn it!


  • Boost your concentration: actively listening to French songs gets you used to hearing French native speakers. All good practice!


  • Following the lyrics as you listen adjusts your eyes and ears French vocab, grammar and pronunciation.


  • You listen to real-life (informal) language. Hear words & phrases sung how native speakers actually use them, not how they would sound spoken from a textbook.


  • It’s fun, easy and accessible! 

listening to music


Listening to music is one of life’s joys! Putting on a French song in the shower, on your walk or while you cook dinner is a super easy way to pull off a short and sharp learning session.


We’re going to hit you with some seriously good tunes to get you inspired. Here’s an absolute classic to get you in the music mood:




Fun fact: Edith Piaf’s funeral is the only event since WW2 to have stopped traffic in Paris!


After something more modern? Zaz is a huge hit in France and her clear pronunciation makes her a go-to for learning French.



Check out these playlists for different genres to get you inspired.


French Chanson


These classic cabaret and musical hall type-songs fill you with feeling! Iconic dramatic sounds of the early-to-mid 20th century. Edith Piaf, Sophia Delila, Joe Dassin, Charles Aznavour are some of our favourites. Learn from our playlist below!



French Rap


French rap emerged in the 90’s with a bang – led by Oxmo Puccino, Suprême NTM and Booba. Booba is the Kanye West or Drake of French Rap. With four platinum records and six gold records. Tune in and enjoy!



Lose yourself in more cool songs here:



French Pop


French pop is super addictive. Indila Derniere, Vanessa Paradis, AaRON, Alizee are stand-outs. Dance (and learn!) through the night.




French Folk

Folk fan? Add Guillaume Grand and Johnny Halladay to your own learn French playlist.



French Love Songs


La Vie en rose by Edith Piaf will give you goosebumps. As well as Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Brel. Check out a few of our love heroes below.



Simply can’t get enough? Take our playlist below on your next walk.



There you have it. Enjoy! Feeling inspired?


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