105 Russian Songs To Suit Every Mood

    Posted: October 17 2019


    Sing With Vodka

    These tracks never fail to raise Russian people’s spirit, especially accompanied by their favourite spirits.


    Pop Rock Hits

    If you’re Russian, you will recognise any of these songs from the first three cords and will eventually start dancing by the end of it.


    Stay Warm in Winter

    Days are short and nights are long. It’s minus 25 outside and your street is covered with snow. That’s why it’s so important to stay warm inside through these 5-6 months of winter.


    Nostalgic Retro

    Retro. fm is one of the top radio stations in Russia, which goes to show how much love Russians have for the old classics. This playlist is dedicated to good old simple tunes that everyone would know from kindergarten.


    Russian Classics

    Just some of the timeless masterpieces that made Russian classical music famous through the world.