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    Try Memrise. Real progress happens in a few minutes, and it has its own tricks to get you to memorise words and understand them. The local videos for pronunciation are chef kiss too.


    Memrise truly has my heart. I have been using this app for a while now and when I went to France they thought I was a local based off of my pronunciation that Memrise taught me.

    yeehaw ella

    @memrise is my favorite site ever. So informative and very helpful with my language courses.


    I recently was introduced to my boyfriend’s Lebanese family and I wanted to make the best impression. I worked on this app for just a few minutes a day for a week and learned some key phrases to get the family’s approval. This app is girlfriend-friendly and mother-approved!


    Two years ago got grumpy because I only spoke one language. So on my birthday, I started a Memrise German course. Kept it up every day for two years. Yesterday got an email from a German friend and didn't need to scroll to his translation. Quietly proud actually.

    Ben Newmark

    New to Japan Moving to another country is tough; life-changing. It's extremely difficult when trying to fully learn and be a part of that country. So far by using this app I'm learning more and becoming more confident to be able to communicate with the locals. I'll be introducing this app to my kids. Arigatou.


    @memrise is my favorite site ever. So informative and very helpful with my language courses.


    I downloaded it because my girl is from Sweden and I saw how she lit up every time I said a word in her language. So now after like doing about 10 minutes a day for about 4 months, I’m now in Sweden (crazy I know) (I'm from the US) and now people are super impressed with “how well” I speak the language and I can make them laugh with it and everything.

    Benson Jett