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Each of our official German language courses is designed by a team of German language experts to teach you the language you need to have conversations in real-life situations. From finding your way around the streets of Berlin to ordering a refreshing beer, shopping, greeting new friends or connecting with family, you’ll learn the language as it’s used by native speakers in daily life.

And you won’t find any old textbook-style language in our courses! We bring the beauty and culture of a language to life with lessons that include over 3000 words and phrases and over 10,000 native speaker audio and video clips.

Why should you learn with Memrise rather than in a classroom or other apps?

Because we know. You probably tried learning German before. Maybe you got a sore throat from trying to pronounce the German 'ch' sound. Or trying to get to grips with when to use der, die or das bored you out of your mind. Maybe it was both!

You know what’s weird, though? We’ve ALL learned a language once! Sure, it took a bit of time, but all good things in life do. That’s why we created a 3-step approach to learning that helps you acquire a new language like you did the first time around: naturally - through language immersion.

Step 1.

Learn real-life German words and phrases with help from our super-smart learning engine.

It adapts your lessons to your individual needs, which keeps boredom away so you stay motivated and learn faster. Language goals? Nailed.

Step 2.

Immerse yourself. Build your ability to actually understand a new language in real-world contexts.

With thousands of naturally-voiced audio and video clips you’ll watch, listen and learn from real locals - no computerised audio here!

Step 3.

Gain the confidence to speak. The ultimate goal is being understood in your new language, right?

With us, it’s about jumping in and giving it a go without worrying about being accurate. So we won’t give you grammar lessons from the get-go. That’s what probably scared you away when you last tried...


Have fun and learn fast

A smart learning engine

You probably tried learning a new language before and gave up. It doesn’t feel easy, we get it! Our smart learning engine adapts to every individual learner creating a learning path that has just the right level of challenge, so you stay motivated and make progress faster.

Learn with locals

We bring the context of the outside world into your lessons with video clips of real native speakers. Listening to lots of different speaking styles and real accents helps you naturally build your ability to understand the nuances and beauty of another language.

No grammar rules

You read it right. When it comes to speaking a language it’s more important to have the confidence to speak and be understood than worrying about accuracy. Studies show that traditional school methods for teaching grammar can actually slow your progress down, so we’ve put them on the backbench.

And so much more...

To help our learning engine personalise your learning experience even more and keep you motivated, you can also set daily goals and learning reminders, as well as join leaderboards to compete against other learners.

We’ve got the love

Over 50 million language learners across 189 countries have signed up to a Memrise course to better themselves, connect with others and with the world around them. Join them!


Amazing!! Honestly the best app I have tried for learning practical phrases that are used and spoken in real daily life! So helpful to hear it word for word and by locals, lots of repetition to help it stick.

Georgie Mortimer

Best language learning app 👌 I learned hiragana script in 3 days with only 45 min each day :)

Biswadeep Bhowal

I love the video part of this, the amount of repetition and the fun, useful language.

Cath Magnoni

Best app ever I can now almost speak Italian fluently grazie to Memrise.


Fun app, different approach compared to other language apps.

Dave Guzman

The fun, the care, the humor, and honesty of the videos really does bring a smile.


Keep learning, wherever you are

Any little bit of spare time is an opportunity for progress. Download the app to learn wherever you are. Little sprints help you reach your language goals fast.