Intermediate French

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    Learning Intermediate French

    So you’ve passed beginner level and are now in the intermediate French zone. Well done you! However, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck at intermediate level, and pushing through to finally become fluent in French can feel frustratingly out of reach.

    But don’t despair! The good news is there are plenty of resources out there to help you achieve your language goals. The Internet is packed with a whole host of French learning websites, and apps that you can access on the go.

    It can feel a bit overwhelming – how to separate the wheat from the chaff? The best websites and the best apps to learn French teach you real-life, useable French in a fun way, so that you keep engaged and motivated to keep progressing.

    Intermediate French: Become Fluent in French

    The prospect of becoming fluent in French is very enticing, we know. Now that you’re an intermediate French learner, it doesn’t feel as far off as it used to be – you can see the prize. It’s far away but still within sight!

    But how, I hear you cry! How to become fluent in French? The answer is actually very simple. There’s no secret, or magic formula to make you fluent overnight. The key is simply this: regular, quality practice.

    Thanks to the profusion of French learning websites, these days it’s not that hard to find ways to practise the language of Molière. But what is the best way to learn French online?

    Memrise has both an award-winning app and a website where you can learn French whenever you have a spare moment. With bite-sized lessons that you can do quickly, squeezing in a bit of practice is painless and even fun!

    The lessons contain a range of activities and exercises that will train every aspect of French, so you can progress and gain confidence in the language.

    Intermediate French: Best Apps to Learn French

    As an intermediate French learner, your priority is to build on your existing skills in the language so that you can keep improving and eventually become fluent in French.

    Perhaps you have come across various French learning websites promising to show you how to become fluent in French within a very short space of time, or apps claiming to be the best app to learn French.

    The truth is that language learning doesn’t happen overnight. However, the good news is that there are scientifically proven ways to make the learning process more effective, and it’s possible to even have fun while doing it!

    The best way to learn French online is with a learning program that you will stick to, and which works. These are the things that will ensure you stay motivated enough to keep up regular practice.

    With Memrise’s intermediate French course you learn real French that you will actually use in conversation with real people. In fact, our courses give you an authentic experience of the living, breathing French language, with video clips of native French speakers using the language in their everyday contexts.

    Learning Intermediate French with Memrise

    For the intermediate French learner looking for how to become fluent in French, it is important to find the tools that work for you. Whether this is on French learning websites or with apps, learning is now very flexible.

    One of the best apps to learn French is undoubtedly Memrise. Learning the language becomes painless and clear with our bite-sized lessons and useful expressions. You can practise your pronunciation as well as your listening skills, and review tricky vocabulary until it sticks for good!

    You can spice things up with Speed Review sessions to further strengthen your recall of words. Plus our Learn with Locals video clips will allow you to observe native speakers using French in natural, everyday contexts.

    If you’re looking for the best way to learn French online, you don’t have far to look; give Memrise a try.

    Our award-winning tech is informed by cognitive science and cutting-edge research into language acquisition. It knows what you are due to review, which words and phrases to test you on, and when, so you can learn intermediate French far quicker than you could in the classroom.

    Join over 50 million people learning a language on Memrise. Download the Memrise app or register online for free, for the best way to learn intermediate French whenever or wherever, online or offline.