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Frequently Asked Questions
Does speaking Mexican Spanish benefit my career?
Absolutely! Firstly, <a href="https://jobs.accaglobal.com/article/how-learning-a-second-language-can-increase-your-employability/">knowing more than one language</a> already has its own benefits. Studies have shown that knowing a second language can improve your employability. Being bilingual makes you more attractive to employers, as it demonstrates both curiosity for other people and cultures and an ability to communicate with them effectively.

Mexican Spanish, specifically, is the most widely spoken form of Spanish in the United States, and it is an official language in nearly 20 countries. As a result, it is in high demand among employers in a wide range of industries. Additionally, it can help you better understand the needs of the Hispanic market, which is one of the fastest-growing demographics in the United States.
How quickly will I be able to start saying these words and phrases in the real world?
You can start speaking these phrases from day one! Our talk-first approach not only helps you learn a new language fast, but we build your confidence to speak from the very first lesson.

When you worry too much about grammar and rules, it can make you feel like you’re never ready to speak and start disconnecting from the language. That’s why we get you to start speaking from the beginning, and let you choose to learn what’s important to you. If you like to travel, learn that first. If you need it to further your career, learn phrases that’s useful there instead. When you focus on material that excites you, you'll be more motivated to practice regularly and immerse yourself in the language. Soon enough, you'll be chatting away in your new language like a native speaker.
How useful are these words and phrases?
These hand-picked words and phrases are chosen by our language experts for two reasons: that they are useful in real-life situations, and they are spoken in the same way that a local would.

There is nothing more discouraging to a language learner than finding out that the phrases they’ve spent hours learning are irrelevant or outdated. You trust us to not only to teach you the language but to do it in a way that is useable in the real world and can connect with native speakers. Otherwise, what’s the point in learning a language if you can’t use it in real situations?
Is Memrise really more effective than textbooks?
There are three problems that Memrise addresses from textbook learning. The first is that people often feel disengaged because they feel the content is either boring or irrelevant. We let you choose what’s important to you so you don’t have to wait to learn those phrases. Second, you can’t hear how the language sounds in a textbook. That’s why we have thousands of videos of native speakers to teach you instead. Lastly, you don’t get to speak it out loud. Our talk-first approach not only helps you learn a new language fast, but we build your confidence to speak from the very first lesson.