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se faner
to fade; wilt
puny, sickly; meagre
to impress, amaze; to flatten
bowled over, staggered
retrancher les détails
to omit the details
jusqu'où es-tu allé
how far did you go?
le maréchal-ferrant
farrier (blacksmith)
se ranger parmi
to side with
se ranger
to line up; to pull over (voiture)
il a tout fait avec un débordement d'énergie
he did everything with a sudden burst of energy
spineless; doddery (not veule)
weak, spineless (not ramollo)
flabby, flaccid
il est fleur bleue
he's starry-eyed, he's romantic
j'ai la flemme aujourd'hui
I just can't be bothered today
la flaque
puddle, pool (d'huile, de sang)
le procédé
procedure; behaviour (not comportement)
j'en suis fort aise
I'm very pleased about it (hum)
obliger qqn à faire
to force sb to do, make sb do, compel sb to do (not forcer)
obligé de faire
forced to do
to tear apart, cut up (not écarteler)
to skin; dissect (document)
le laurier
laurel, bay (tree)
to tackle (eg rugby)
la couronne mortuaire
the funeral wreath
à cran
uptight, on edge