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telling off, bollocking
passer un savon à qqn
to tell someone off
to approach (not se rapprocher)
to hiccup
to cackle; to prattle
stingy; scanty; capable
t'es pas chiche de le faire
I bet you can't do it
aller au casse-pipe
to go to the front
fleshy, thick (not étoffé)
le charognard
vulture, carrion feeder (lit, fig)
la charogne
rotting carcass
la charpente
carpentry, framework (of a bldg)
loudmouthed, raucous
le défilé
parade, march, stream, procession
la revue
to break up with ( ditch, dump) (not mettre au rancart)
se plaquer au sol
to lie flat on the ground
plaquer contre
to pin against
plaquer tout
to pack it all in (not balancer)
faute de mieux
for want of anything better
faute de
for lack of, in the absence of
hausser les épaules
to shrug one's shoulders
se claquer
to cop it / die (coll. not caner)
claquer le fouet
to crack the whip
claquer la porte
to slam the door