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les esprits étriqués
narrow-minded people (not borné)
faire des études
to be a student
to choke
to suffocate, to feel stifled
étouffer de chaleur
to feel stifled in the heat
to harvest, gather (lit, fig)
la moisson
harvest (not récolte)
la récolte
harvest, gathering (not moisson)
la mousse
moss, mousse, lather
la maraude
pilfering; looting, marauding
le chapardage
petty theft, pilfering (not maraude)
rester de marbre
to remain stony-faced
la nouvelle les laissa de marbre
they were completely unmoved by the news
la maquerelle
madam, whore
loony, crazy (not déchaîné, dingue, sonné, marteau)
cela limite nos possibilités
that rather limits our options (not ça)
je me limiterai à quelques observations
I'll only make a few observations
to upset, anger, offend (not fâcher, offusquer, outrager)
la plaque de verglas
patch of ice (or black ice)
le verglas
black ice, sheet ice (not plaque)
la ruée
the rush, the crowd (not foule)
la vareuse
jersey, uniform jacket
garnet-coloured, dark red
le ciseau