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se pelotonner
to curl up (not blottir)
assieds-toi là, au bord du lit
sit there, next to the bed
le canot
dinghy, small boat
le canot de sauvetage
le fanal
lantern, lamp
to keel over, capsize, overturn
quand je suis revenu à moi
when I came round (after fainting)
to sink; collapse, fall (entreprise, civilisation, etc) (not s'effondrer)
il était torse nu
he was bare chested, he was shirtless
cambrer le dos
to arch one's back
la toison
fleece, mane
to pamper, cosset
le crochet
coûte que coûte
by hook or by crook
laisser qqn s'en tirer
to let sb off the hook (escape)
revoir à la baisse
to downgrade, to revise downwards (not rétrograder)
les frais du ménage
a family's (everyday) expenditure
les frais de dossier
administrative charges
new, fresh
se soucier de
to care about
to put on display, display. show, exhibit, set out
porter qqch aux nues
to praise sth to the skies
le faiseur
maker; show-off, braggart
la faiseuse d'anges
back street abortionist
le faiseur de miracles