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pousser à la roue
to lend one's support
faire du rentre-dedans à qqn
to try to get off with sb, to come on to sb
roue à roue
neck and neck
la morue
cod (poisson); slut, whore
c'est la mode
it's the fashion
modestement logé
in cheap accommodation
myope comme une taupe
as blind as a bat
c'est du nanan
it's lovely; it's a piece of cake (not rigolade)
une cabale
a conspiracy
et ça se croit malin !
and he thinks he's clever!
le cache-col
scarf, neck warmer
le cabot
mutt (chien)
ça, par exemple !
well, honestly! (interjec)
ça, alors !
well I never! (interjec)
ça, non !
no way, absolutely not!, not that!
ça pour se plaindre, il se plaint !
talk about complaining, he does nothing else!
comment ça, tu ne veux pas ?
what do you mean you don't want to?
mets-toi ça dans la caboche
get that into your thick skull
temporary (crise), passing (sentiment), slight (fièvre), (not fugace, éphémère)
la cohue
the crowd, rabble
le chef-d'oeuvre
cozy, snug, soft
bittersweet, barbed (propos)
to envy
va te faire mettre
get stuffed