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en perdition
in trouble (entreprise, pays), in distress (navire)
perdre l'estime de qqn
to lose sb's respect (not démériter auprès de qqn)
de tels agissements sont condamnables
such activities are reprehensible
to direct (sb), to guide, to steer (vers une carrière, etc)
comme auparavant
as before (not avant)
l'audience est suspendue
the hearing is adjourned
lever l'audience
to close the hearing
le tribunal de l'opinion
the bar of public opinion
les bancs du tribunal
court benches
to incur
le pavillon
roof (d'une voiture)
se sauver de
to escape from, to run away from
se sauver
to be off, to rush off, to dash
sauve-toi, tu vas être en retard
you'd better run or you'll be late
il faudrait voir à ne pas...
you'd better make sure you don't...
to improve, to embellish, to make more attractive
il me fait vivre
it pays the bills, it's a living (not ça, cela)
je vais lui apprendre à vivre
I'll teach him a thing or two
le savoir-vivre
good manners (not bonne manières)
le cochon
de surcroît
moreover/ furthermore (written)
heinous, hateful (not haineux)
brusquely, sharply, swiftly
to run about
les théories du complot
conspiracy theories