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ça tape dur aujourd'hui
it's roasting today, it's boiling today
se ravaler au rang de
to reduce oneself to the rank of
to put away
les ciseaux
un usage qui commence à se perdre
a custom that is beginning to die out
en effet
to part
emaciated, scraggy
en effet, tu avais raison
actually, you were right (not en fait, en réalité, effectivement)
to search for
rechercher l'effet
to strive for effect
l'effet inverse de celui que je voulais
the opposite effect from the one I intended
avoir pour effet de faire
to have the effect of doing
la liane
creeper (botan.)
la rate
dans mes bras
in my arms
scapula/shoulder blade
to mark off, to aim, to tick off
to examine, scrutinise
vivre au jour le jour
to live from hand to mouth
vivre avec son époque
to move with the times
vivre largement
to live well (materially)
vivre sur sa réputation
to get by on the strength of one's reputation
vivre vieux
to live to a ripe old age
avoir de quoi vivre
to have enough to live on (not subsister)