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die Ehe; -n
the marriage ('E_')
born (adj. or past tense)
die Tasche; -n
the bag ('Tüte' or ...) (T)
der Lauf; -e
the run, (gun) barrel, current, course
die Haut; -"e
the skin
die Richtung; -en
the direction (R)
die Weise; -n
the way, manner (the way or manner in which a thing is done or happens) (definitely not Weg) (W)
wise, prudent
der Raum; -e
the room (Zimmer, or ...)
die Regierung; -en
the government (R)
die Rolle; -n
the role
der Frieden
the peace (no plural)
das Volk; -er
the people (nation, ethnic group) (V)
awful, terrible, horrible, dreadful ('s_')