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to dive, to dip, to duck (under), to plunge, to immerse (dunk) (not 'e_')
der Vermieter; -
the landlord
Guten Morgen!
Good Morning!
stehen bleiben
Freeze!, to stand still, to be left behind, to stop (two words)
einerseits ... andererseits
on the one hand ... on the other hand
to vacate, clear (sth out) (empty), evacuate ('r_')
die Bearbeitung; -en
the processing, treatment, handling, editing, process (not 'Behandlung')
die Siedlung; -en
the settlement, colony
die Klärung; -en
the clarification (not 'Erklärung') (K)
einkaufen gehen
to go shopping (2 words)
Wie bitte?
Pardon? ('W_')
die Umwandlung; -en
the conversion, converting, transformation
das Asyl; -e
the asylum, refuge, shelter
ganz kurz
very short
obsolete, outdated, antiquated, overtaken, superseded, overhauled, refurbished
persistent, lasting, sustained, continuing, prolonged ('an_')