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der Wohnblock; -"e
the apartment building, block of flats, block of houses (W_)
das Scheckheft; -e
the checkbook ('Scheckbuch' or ...)
die Kontaktlinse; -n
the contact lense
to come here, to drive here
die Datenbank; -en
the database, databank
die Volksmusik; -en
the folk music
das Mietshaus; -"er
the tenant-occupied building, apartment building, rental building (M_)
on the mother's side, maternal
der Automechaniker; -
the car mechanic
die Sparkasse; -n
the savings bank
die Aktiengesellschaft; -en
the corporation (A_)
das Bücherregal; -e
the bookcase
die Botanik
the botany (no plural)
der Gemüsehändler; -
the vegetable dealer, vegetable market
die Relativitätstheorie
the theory of relativity (no plural)