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Regular _re verbs: attendre (to wait)

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I wait
tu attends
you wait
il attend
he waits
elle attend
she waits
on attend
one waits
nous attendons
we wait
vous attendez
you wait (pl)
ils attendent
they wait
j'ai attendu
I waited
tu as attendu
you waited
il a attendu
he waited
elle a attendu
she waited
on a attendu
one waited
nous avons attendu
we waited
vous avez attendu
you waited (pl)
ils ont attendu
they waited
I will wait
tu attendras
you will wait
il attendra
he will wait
elle attendra
she will wait
on attendra
one will wait
nous attendrons
we will wait
vous attendrez
you will wait
ils attendront
they will wait
I was waiting
tu attendais
you were waiting
il attendait
he was waiting
elle attendait
she was waiting
on attendait
one was waiting
nous attendions
we were waiting
vous attendiez
you were waiting (pl)
ils attendaient
they were waiting